Ferrari Thoroughbred, V12 sings on the Fiorano – Mondo Auto circuit

The Ferrari Purosangue is not a simple car with high wheels but a model that is perfectly in line with the philosophy of the Maranello brand, a worthy member of the Prancing Horse group. Proof of this are the performance and specifications of this model, which is capable of setting off even on the track. In fact, a sample of the Purosangue was pinched as it cruised down the Fiorano track, Ferrari’s development track.

Lightweight and comfortable

Farrix posted a video of the high-wheeled Prancing Horse car attacking the barriers on the grid, where he posted a video in which the Ferrari Borosangoy can be seen ready to attack the barriers. 4973 mm in length, 2028 mm in width and 1589 mm in height, The dry weight of Ferrari Purosangue is only 2033 kgThanks to the new frame designed for maximum torsional rigidity and made of aluminum alloy and lightweight materials.

development of aerodynamics

Very important is action development of aerodynamicswhile managing subtle flows that led Maranello’s engineers to devise air curtains that work in synergy with the floating rear sections of the wheel arches, reducing turbulence. Hidden wing on the lid On the other hand, named Aerobridge, it derives from the solution based on the F12 but in the case of the Ferrari Purosangue, it was created to reduce resistance. The air intakes at the front instead cool the powertrain and braking system and ventilate the active suspension.

The heart of the Ferrari Purosangue: the V12 engine from Maranello

The twelve-cylinder Maranello delivers in this condition 725 hp at 7750 rpm and 716 Nm at 6250 rpm in one click From 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds and 0-200 in 10.6 seconds while the top speed is over 310 km/h. It’s all combined with a new F1-derived 8-speed DCT gearbox that maintains short ratios in the same way as in the SF90 Stradale and 296 GTB, ratios that have been lengthened for highway use. However, what surprises isn’t the performance numbers so much as the perfect balance found in this car, so docile when ready to express all its potential when needed.

Photo: Varryx

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