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We still don’t know who will succeed Louis Camilleri as CEO of Ferrari. Time passes and it seems John Elkan’s temporary tenure will be prolonged. A sign that the goal is not the goal of the simple substitution of the routine but the desire to make a real change in the image of Ferrari itself: from a national folk icon, a vast world champion of the luxury sector whose reference is only partially linked to a specific product. Ferrari from Star to Stilants. So it’s likely that the next CEO will come from that environment. A revolution aimed at undermining the distinct identity of a brand that is able to maintain a balance between two seemingly incompatible worlds. To generate a kind of social peace between the inaccessible world of supercars and the world of thousands of fans whose belief in the brand is unaffected by social claims. Happy Pollution ended up fostering the natural sympathy that over the years made a Ferrari owner someone more admired than envy. It is not bragging about wealth but rather an expression of true passion.

The magical chemistry for which uniqueness goes hand in hand with universality. But over time, ideas change, and so what has been established over the decades as a valuable competitive advantage turns into an indication of an embarrassing proletarian derivation that takes off as quickly as possible.

The little signs really annoy fans. Starting with the progressive centrality of Ferrari clubs ending with the undermining of their natural spontaneity. Not to mention the “Cavallino” evolution. The legendary trattoria that for decades witnessed Enzo Ferrari eating breakfast in his dining room, today it has become a distinctive restaurant whose refinement has left traces of a story that was the main dish of lunch out of place. Pictures of a one-off story that ended up at auction without Ferrari thinking about welcoming them into the spaces of its expansive museum. It’s true: Refined dishes like those prepared by Chef Massimo Butura, don’t accept distractions. Eyes fixed on the plate and the mind turned to the bill. These are also feelings that are destined to last for a long time.

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