Ferrari SP48 Unica, the new one-of-a-kind car designed specifically for customers

Ferrari presented its unique new car, a special car that was built according to specific requests from customers. its name SP48 Unique, which is the latest addition to the unique series released by Maranello. A model that becomes part of the most exclusive range in whole-house production, those unique cars, made to measure, according to the customer’s requests and built starting with his requirements.

Ferrari SP48 Unica: How it’s made

The SP48 Unica was designed at the Ferrari Style Center under Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni, a berlinetta sports two-seater. The starting point is the platform F8 Tributo (Supercar with Outstanding Performance). Its taut lines and aggressive demeanor make it unmistakable, thanks to the sharp and projected forehead. A special effect was also achieved thanks to a redesign of the headlights and a reset of the brake air intake.

For the special realization of this unique car, Ferrari used parametric procedural modeling techniques and 3D prototyping (additive manufacturing) that allowed engineers and designers to Completely rethink The shape of the grille and engine air intakes. The feeling of continuity of forms and fullness of surfaces is also due to this advanced production process, which allowed us to create perfect 3D grids obtained from full scale.

Graphic solutions guide the overall design of the SP48 Unica: the transition from black to body color is very clear, including the windows, roof and hood. The effect of the front visor is highlighted by reducing the side window area and removing the rear window. The new Ferrari SP48 Unica reveals a refined play of symmetries and continuity, A proposal from the lines that make up the design.

Personalize the interior

The passenger compartment resumes Technical identity of the F8 TributoThe rear window has been eliminated and an extensive search has been conducted for a combination of colors and upholstery to suit the sporty, lively and aggressive character of the SP48 Unica. An example is the use of black Alcantara with custom laser perforations, used for the seats and most of the passenger compartment, under which the iridescent fabric can be seen from red to orange (like the bodywork). Its shape echoes hexagons fading from the grids and procedural coatings onto the surface, giving the vehicle a striking effect. Continuity between inside and outside.

The one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP48 Unica

Ferrai SP48 Unica, the new special one-time product specially designed for customers

Those who get in and sit in the new Ferrari SP48 Unica for once stay like that Attracted instantly Also in polished wraps in the same laser-printed hexagon. The interior is expertly decorated, in a very elegant and unique way, in matte carbon fiber that brings a highly technical touch to the passenger compartment, and is completed in Gunmetal Gray finishes.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica was one of a kind Designed for a loyal customer From the home of the galloping horse that was involved in every stage of its creation, it is a private bespoke project. A car that therefore represents a bold reinterpretation of the berlinetta sports car, able to enhance the racing spirit and its calling for speed. The sole objective is to transform an existing model in an original and effective way, drawing inspiration and at the same time honoring the brand’s core values, which are innovation and passion.

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