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With the latest spy photos that were going to capture forklifts Authentic Ferrari With the final structure, many assumed the shapes and design it would have The first SUV from Cavallino. Prototypes were still heavily camouflaged, with the covers leaving not even a gap in the bodywork to confirm the theses formulated in recent days. Therefore, there are those who have attempted to manipulate the images taken at the Ferrari Purosangue in an effort to imagine what the final look of this highly anticipated model could be.

This is the case of Super Car Rendering that appear on Instagram View based on recent snapshots of FUV (Ferrari vehicle). In the photo posted on social networks, you can see the Ferrari Purosangue, which inherited many stylistic elements from the Ferrari Roma, a feature that can already be found in the car that Maranello is developing with the utmost caution. You will share an SUV with berlinetta 2+ The ground and visual clusters were also assumed by the viewer, as some prototypes could be seen last summer during tests in Germany in collaboration with Bosch. Then Superrenderscars also imagines a Ferrari Roma-style front grille, featuring the Cavallino logo.

Fonts are those of SUV Coupe, somewhat similar to the shape of the Ford Mach-e. On the other hand, the proportions seem to resume those of the Maserati Levante, the car used as a base for development, with SUVs of smaller dimensions. In terms of looks, the biggest unknowns are still many and also about the powertrain: in the latest tests, the Ferrari Purosangue appears to be equipped with the new V6 hybrid that recently appeared on the 296 GTB but as already emphasized in the past the Cavallino is likely to use different segments Including the V8 (already electrified with the SF90 Stradale) and V12.

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