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‘Ferrari battling, Red Bull’s favourite’

“Being out there fighting in F1 was our goal at the start of the season and we can be really satisfied. Keeping the level in such a long season is going to be a challenge, but not just for us, it will be for all the teams.” Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto speaks on the eve of the Australian Grand Prix to the microphones of Sky Sports F1 UK. “Personally I think Red Bull is the strongest and the favourite.”

Ferrari Developments

Binotto’s reasoning also went into the ability to develop F1-75: “It is true that our competitors have made a very strong development. In 2017 and 2018 we lost some ground. But since then, in the design of our cars, we have improved our wind tunnel, technologies, processes , simulation, and therefore today we are much better prepared than we were in the past to do a good job in development.” Of course, all the difficulties will be to maintain a constant return for the season, also taking into account compliance with the spending cap imposed by the regulation: “We also have a budget limit that will affect the growth rate – concluded Binotto – we must make sure we have the right policy in this regard, where it could be a turning point.” On this point, the question of “control” of the budget limit that the Ferrari team principal has repeatedly insisted also enters into the hands of FIA technical director Nick Tombazis, who confirmed in an exclusive interview with the Gazzetta that there is an “equipped and constantly working team to monitor the budget ceiling.” Mattia Binotto can rest assured about that.”

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Sainz and Ferrari

Maranello’s Spanish driver Carlos Sainz, who also works for Sky UK, praised the competing teams: “I was impressed with the cars designed by Red Bull and Mercedes, given the shorter time in the wind tunnel compared to us. They were fighting that way for the 2021 F1 championship” .

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