Ferrari basically made a prettier Dodge Viper, but only for that dude

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Photo: Ferrari

A Ferrari Omologata – Google says this means approval in Italian – is …

Huh, that’s a funny car name. In any case, it’s one among the ones built on the 812 Superfast, and it’s pretty cool looking without a doubt.

Here is my favorite story from New release: Take a good kick from this brag and you’ll feel fantasy all weekend:

“Commissioned by a discerning European customer, the latest offering in Ferrari’s unique line-up of one-off models is a vivid evocation of the values ​​that define Ferrari in terms of GT racing: a car that is just as comfortable on the road as it hits the top on the track in the hands of a true gentleman. “.

This way I know the car is a man, by the way. The actual identity of whoever placed the order is unknown. But he seemed to have good taste, because a product he ordered was okay.

Here are some gallery photos:

And of course, you need some mysterious artistic frameworks:

Finally, Ferrari included some internal teasers. I guess now only the very wealthy individual who bought the thing and their friends are allowed to see the entire cockpit.

This exterior color is Rosso Magma. The press release did not include anything about the significance of the number seven. A quick search reveals that few Ferrari cars have worn that number in competition, but I think it’s mostly there just because it looks cool. If there’s a deeper story, you’ll likely see it in the comments section by the time this blog has been running for a few hours anyway.

I am one of those idiots who is instigated by every Ferrari Because Ferrari, But I don’t think you have to be a Italian car freak to appreciate this thing’s design. I mean, it’s unbelievable. Too bad none of us will ever see him again after this batch of photos.

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