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There may be, in Ferrari’s roster, a car capable of playing the role of heir LaFerrari Aberta. In recent days, a car has been seen in Maranello, presumably an electric hybrid due to the presence of panels on each side of the passenger compartment, with the features of the Cavallino supercar; Development is likely in progress and this makes the car a candidate for presentation in Modena’s 75th anniversary year.

YouTuber intercepted the car FarrixFamous for monitoring cars in Italian supercars. As reconstructed, The car will be an old Ferrari Daytona SP3 forklift, but with several parts in common with the LaFerrari Aperta. The cover is matte black. It can also be, in general, a car set on the road to test “hidden” parts from view, mechanical or electronic.

Recently, there have been several sightings in Maranello regarding new cars or forklifts for already well-known cars. Testing continues, for example, on the first Ferrari SUV, which will be launched under the name Purosangue. While LaFerrari-like cars already in 2020 were circulating in the factory area, which raised more than one question mark. So there’s something cooking in the LaFerrari house.

The Ferrari LaFerrari dates back to 2013. It came out with 963 horsepower, against 350 kilometers per hour at top speed. The car is equipped with a Hy-Kers hybrid system, as well as a seven-speed gearbox and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. With this car, Flavio Manzoni tried to combine the best technologies available at the time in Maranello and the lines of the most important cars in the history of the brand, in particular the 330 P4 and 312 P (two unforgettable sports models from the gold age of endurance racing). Even the name chosen is evocative, because after all it was (and still is today) a Ferrari with a capital F.

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