Ferrari 365P Three Seater, Berlinetta’s private attorney at MAUTO

“You don’t have time to stop when people hit you right away. But it was fun. He had terrible acceleration. Just that.” You had to get used to the middle driver’s seat, because the reference was missing At least on one side, right or leftThese are the words of Gianni Agnelli telling his story Ferrari 365 P Three Seater Special Berlinetta.

Only two samples were built of the Tre Posti, a show car we would say today, presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1966, signed by Pininfarina, with the aim of showing the stylistic features that would later belong to Dinos.

I want it!

The gray metallic three-seater, commissioned by Avvocato and delivered in 1967, was added, with a series of modifications compared to the original model, to the Salone, painted Gardenia White.

The 365 P Tre Posti Berlinetta Speciale is on display at MAUTO in TurinIt will be until February 18th. The sample, a 4-year job, was restored by Kidston, who specializes in classic cars, after being restored in the USA, and purchased in Newark.

A central command post, such as the Racing 365 P.

The three-seater specificity, with the driver’s seat centralized, takes as its basis the racing car, the 1965 Ferrari 365 P2; From this project also resumes 4.4 liter V12 engine, an unusual size for Ferrari racing cars at the timeMore than 4 liters for more power and easier handling of the car for special teams.

For the first time, a road-going Ferrari had the engine mounted in the rear-center position. To make it easier to get on board, the driver’s seat rotates 90 degrees to accommodate the driver.

How much is 365 P Tre Posti Berlinetta worth?

Gianni Agnelli’s example of the 3-seater Berlinetta Speciale differs not only in body color but also inSpoiler application to the long, initially truncated tail, on the 1966 concept; Another modification, the installation of a glass roof and Converting to a 5-speed manual automatic transmission.

The Project 365 P Berlinetta Speciale can be considered an absolute rarity. Suffice it to say that the specimen from the 1966 Paris Motor Show, then bought by Luigi Chinetti, Ferrari’s official importer in America, with the NART racing team, was auctioned in 2014 for $23 million: an amount believed to be insufficient and under-priced. the reserve.

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