Ferrara Toledo (USA), the signature of the twins. Agreement between FABBRI MAYORS and KAPSZUKIEWICZ: “Great opportunities for cooperation”

Ferrara Toledo (USA), the signature of the twins. Agreement between FABBRI MAYORS and KAPSZUKIEWICZ: “Great opportunities for cooperation”. US console: “Among the first delegates after the dark days of the pandemic.” SPAL President Takobina: “An Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Ventures.” Friendship was born on the pitch and strengthened by the Pellegrini entrepreneur

Ferrara, November 9 – Today Ferrara celebrated its twinning with the US city of Toledo (Ohio), where the enclave was born, an important commercial and manufacturing center, also called the City of Glass because its skyscrapers reflect on the waters of Lake Erie. For the occasion, Mayor Alan Fabri welcomed his US counterpart Wade Kapszukewicz to the City Hall, in the presence of United States Consul General Ragini Gupta, several council members including Commissioner Mikol Guerini, a large institutional delegation and representation. of businessmen. The interventions and the signing of the cooperation documents were followed by an exchange of gifts – including a glass city key produced in Toledo and Este porcelain donated by Fabri – and a lunch together.

The delegation will stay in Ferrara for a few days to visit the city. Spaal president Joe Tacopina also shared his video message. Twinning was born into the athletic field. The driving force behind the connection between the two cities, ratified today by the ‘Agreement’, signed by the first two citizens, was in fact Raffaello Pellegrini, patron of the Eagles (Second Football Division) and head of the Pro team. Sport Estense, a company that deals with sports promotion. From his friendship with local player and entrepreneur Nick Ed, an American who plays in the Italian league and is currently one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Toledo, the idea of ​​creating an institutional link between cities was born.

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“I am pleased to welcome my colleague Kapszukiewicz and all his community to Ferrara. It is a very important moment in our history and we hope that this twinning will have benefits in the near future, in a context certainly difficult due to the pandemic – he said. Locksmiths -. Today we want to lay solid and lasting foundations for projects and exchanges.” In the economic, cultural, educational and social fields. We will spare no effort to find opportunities for both. Ferrara and Toledo are thousands of kilometers away, but very close in terms of looking for prospects and development.”

“This twinning – said the mayor of the United States, welcomed by Fabry – is based on a very solid common ground: our outstanding universities, particularly in terms of engineering. And then they both boast a deep-rooted sports culture and a solid base. Manufacturing. I think of the Jeep that was invented in Toledo in 1941″. The mayor also emphasized that “Toledo was the first in history, in 1931, to sign a twinning agreement with the city of the same name in Spain.” “When the world closed in on itself in suspicious isolation towards the outside, Toledo looked beyond borders, outside, in search of friendships based on the shared values ​​on which we build partnerships and cooperation. This reflects our spirit well.”

“This is one of the first US delegations to visit Emilia-Romagna after the dark days of the pandemic. Today’s signing marks a new page in relations between Americans and Italians and the desire to restart after the devastating effects of the virus,” the consul said. Gupta noted. “Our partnership is a geostrategic partnership that rests on solid foundations and on true and authentic friendship, built on the relationships between people, cities and the social, cultural and economic relationships that they are working to consolidate today. I can’t wait to see the first results of this pact of friendship.”

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“For me, it was an honor to be the ‘ambassador’ of Ferrara and I am proud to contribute, in the past, to the settlements of the company, and today, to the signing of this twinning, which was born out of friendship in the stadiums. Thank you to the mayors and departments. For their sensitivity – explained Pellegrini -. I hope this will be the starting point for many beneficial initiatives for our cities.” President Spal Tacopina – thanking the mayors – specified that Ferrara was “awesome” and that his goal would be to bring the Pianazuri to the highest level: “I’ve been here for a few months but I am fascinated by the beauty of this city, which shares the traditions of sport and the presence of people who want to develop entrepreneurial projects I am sure that the cooperation will be fruitful.”

Also in attendance was Commissioner Andrea Maggi who stressed the common bond with the waters of the two cities and the “miracles” that sport can perform, “a sport that has also proven today to be able to create important and beneficial collaborations in development.”

Lou Tosi, Board Member of Niaf, the National Foundation for Italian Americans, emphasized the wonderful representation of the community in Toledo and the shared sensitivity to art: “We will soon open an exhibition dedicated to Caravaggio.” “It’s not a piece of paper, but a dynamic agreement capable of bringing about tangible changes and innovations,” James Hartung, head of international twinning in Toledo, who is also of Italian descent, said he was “excited” to celebrate this twinning. The ceremony was attended by Jeff Schock, owner of the most important television in Ohio.

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