Fencing, World Championships Plovdiv: Italy closes out with seven medals

On the ninth and final day of the World Junior and Cadet Championships, no more medals were added to the seven already won

Easter brought no more medals in the youth blue fencing, on the ninth and final day of the 2023 World Youth and Cadet Championships Plovdiv. The “podium zone” dream was dashed in the quarter-finals against the United States. Many especially regret the duelists who came close to the coup by giving up only in the last seconds, while the knockout of the duelists was much more obvious.

Women’s team

In the women’s competition, the Azzurrino team of Gaia Caforio, Carola Maccagno, Lucrezia Paulis and Vittoria Siletti started their competitive journey with a 45-25 win over Brazil. In the Round of 16 match, Italy beat Colombia 45-34, snatching the pass to the “Best 8”. And so the Italian team found the United States in the quarterfinals, and fought point by point for the entire attack, managing to stay in line when opponents tried to extend, but in the final, it was the Americans who rejoiced by writing the verdict 44 – 40. However, the Azoreans did not give up, They also competed with their heads held high in the standings, first beating Uzbekistan (45-37) and then Ukraine (45-34), finishing in the final fifth place.

So guys

The American obstacle was also fatal for the men’s team Epee, consisting of Fabrizio Como, Simone Mincarelli, Marco Paganelli and Niccolo del Contrasto. At the beginning of the day, in the 32-player draw, Italy surpassed China by 45-29. Instead, the round of 16 proposed a tough and balanced match against Poland, and the Italian quartet won 45-41. In the quarterfinals, the opponent was the United States team, which is able to immediately take over the leadership of the attack, imposing itself 45-27. After hijacking the placements table, Italy defeated Korea 45-30, then lost to Israel 45, thus closing their World Championship adventure in sixth place.

final payment

Thus, the World Junior and Cadets Championships in Plovdiv 2023 record seven medals for Italy which individually celebrated the gold of Damiano De Ferroli, the U-20 World Champion, the silver of Greta Collini U-17 and again the bronze of Aurora U-20. Then Grandis came with the silver for the two teams The two young voile players (with Giuseppe Franzoni, Damiano De Ferroli, Ryan Adol and Matteo Marini) and voile players (with Giulia Amore, Aurora Grandis, Matilda Calvanese and Carlotta Ferrari). Two saber medals, with the women’s under-20 team silver (composed of Carlotta Fusetti, Michela Landi, Manuela Spica and Maria Clementina Poli) and the individual bronze among youths from Emmanuel Nardella.

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