Female of Naples, Pistulce: “The awakening of a nightmare”

Multiple hugs. On the bench, on the field, everywhere. Federica Cafirata He stretches over the green rectangle, spreading his arms. Eleonora Goldoni Jumping on shoulders Alessandro Pestulci, Then kneeling. Estonian Vlada Kubasova e Alessandra Nencione They are dancing. Goes wild Elisabetta Oliveiro, While Martina Fucini, Elected deputy TimVisionA masked man embraces Gianluca Monti. Le merged in a circle blue Then they set off on a liberation race. Shades of happiness. Legal, understandable and shareable. The second round started in the best way. He scored his first victory of the season in a head-on showdown with Barry.

“In the final embrace the whole team woke up from a nightmare. It is right to cry for joy ”, Coach Naples. “We will go to fight ten more battles,” he confidently asserts. Rainfall and high winds did not stop the President’s club Lilo Carlino To impose itself on A fallen stadium in Bremen. “After the feature, not only did we defend ourselves, but we tried to build up gameplay and actions to score again. We got close, and we took some risks, ”Pestulici admits.

“The balance of opportunities hung completely on Napoli’s side who wanted this victory aggressively and achieved it. We were afraid of chaos.” Very happy with the result and the tactical variety that proved effective. ”Eleonora Goldoni’s idea used as a suitable midfielder: she has all the qualities to be able to play mesala, space Attacks, sighting the target and can be devastating. Assistant author and valuable performance. Balm choral praise for the spirits. “The group is responding very well, and the girls who enter are making an important contribution. And then Paula de Marino A word of encouragement to all has placed the captaincy declaration Emma Erico: A clear illustration of the values ​​that distinguish Neapolitan femaleFor Pestulici, “it was an amazing feeling to win here.”

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I had the honor to sign the victory goal and help her teammates at such a delicate moment, Bulgarian Evdocia Popadinova, In the third goal in a row after those who have Verona e Rome. “This is definitely the most important thing. I am proud to have achieved my first success in Naples LeagueThe league I actually dreamed of playing in when I was in United States of AmericaThe number 99 is crucial. “I feel a great responsibility to wear such an important shirt. A few days ago, I was nominated for Best Bulgarian Footballer of the Year 2020, and this goal is the culmination of a wonderful week.”

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