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On Instagram, Fedez spoke of “having a health issue that involves an important pathway.” Three years ago he was diagnosed with demyelinating

“I have a health problem that involves an important pathway.” Blue shirt and red eyesThe sound that breaks when tears are too strong to fall back. Fedez opts for the usual default TV on Instagram, but this time no games with kids, nurturing photos with his wife, shared intimacy, and app filters that make everything look perfect. This time it’s the B side of life, not the cute side. The rapper doesn’t say what sickness is, but the first dark thoughts are the ones that immediately come to everyone’s mind. Bare wall, heart in turmoil. “I am making this exorcism video in the hope that it will be useful to me as well. Unfortunately, I was found to have a health problem but luckily I found great timing, which includes an important pathway, one that I also feel I can reveal. But not now, not at this moment when I need to hold on my family, to my children. I feel like telling it in the future because when I found out what I discovered, reading other people’s stories gave me relief.” Sharing to put a rock also on other people’s shoulders, these More than 13 million followers – A city four times the size of Rome – which every day hits the social media scene to see what Fides is up to.

her flow: “If this story of mine can provide comfort even to someone who may not be as fortunate to be surrounded by as many emotions as it happens to me with my lovely family, it makes me believe that this arc in my life has the special facilities and I can give it meaning, something that obviously can’t be given at times“.

Instagram has always been the way to reveal yourself to everyone, Vergnese is a brand but also a different family from the rest with all those eyes on them (must add over 26 million Fedez followers to Chiara Ferragni): “I realized that in recent years it was as if I had this kind of communication method Shared scrapbook. Only now I realize the importance of being able to catch the smile from the other side of the phone for someone who may have been facing a difficult moment.” No smiles now: “I felt like I was throwing out some bullshit, I’m not clear enough now to go any further. I am ready to face this new adventure that life has given me. I hope to be able to give you positive updates soon.”

This isn’t the first time Fedez has spoken about his health issues. Three years ago it was revealed that they had found him.” Demyelination Which in some cases can lead to the development of multiple sclerosis. “I have to be under control because it’s a radiologically verified syndrome – he explained -. Demyelination is what happens when you have multiple sclerosis. This thing can of course turn into sclerosis.” Fedez had told how this diagnosis was also “a reason to start A path to improve and choose my battles. As of today, if this thing happens to me – which means that depending on where you light up these scars, you can lose your knack for speech or use your leg, so to speak – I mean, if something like this happens to me What did you fight for today? I realized I was behind a lot of nonsenseTo a lot of people who probably don’t deserve it.”

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