Federico II, MSc Aesthetic Medicine is about to start

The new version of Second Level University Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine Public Health Department from the Federico II University of Naples. The specialization course, directed by Professor Francesco D’Andrea, Director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University Hospital and President of SICPRE (Italian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), is unique in southern Italy. The course will open in the classroom at Clinic Federico II with the participation of the President of Federico II College of Medicine and Surgery, Professor Maria Triassi, Director of the Department of Public Health, Professor Giancarlo Tronconi and Professors Members of the Scientific Committee. During the opening, diplomas of the just-finished version will also be issued and a continuous training project will be presented to update sector professionals.

aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a medical specialty aimed at people who want to improve their image by addressing their imperfections. It is constantly expanding and developing, aiming to improve the quality of life. With regard to aesthetic medicine and its clinical and technological developments, there is great interest on the part of society and the category of medical sciences. In view of this, the Master’s Program in Aesthetic Medicine, which is close to the beginning, has been proposed as a tool for training specialists in a sector where there is a huge shortage of competent professionals in the face of very high demand.

educational goals

The Master’s program aims to create a specific professional personality and to bridge the organizational gap that exists today in Italy. In fact, there is no specialization in aesthetic medicine in our country, and training in this sector until a few years ago was conducted by private bodies. For this reason, we wanted to give back to the university the educational role that belongs to it by creating a Master, which over the years has seen a tremendous growth in the number of members, and which not only adequately trains professionals in this sector, but is also empowered. To issue a legally recognized qualification. The master’s program will consist of face-to-face and online theoretical lessons and practical lessons with the active participation of learners.

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At the time of the great economic crisis related to the COVID emergency and a high rate of unemployment, especially among young people – Professor Dr Andrea announces Graduates often find it difficult to find a job. One possible solution is to move towards a very highly specialized, choosing the most appropriate and targeted higher education course. Federico II also wants to give graduates a new training opportunity with a Master in Aesthetic Medicine. Aesthetic medicine can be very dangerous if practiced by non-specialist doctors, and it is not enough to have a degree in medicine and surgery to be good and efficient: those working in this sector must have the appropriate training and preparation. Simple cosmetic medical treatment, such as injecting a filler or botulinum toxin, or even performing a laser session, can cause irreversible damage.”

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