February 4 deadline for sending documents

ISI INAIL Call, 2020 Tentative Time Lists Published: Deadline 4 February 2022 for submission of application form and documents. One last step is still needed before funding for occupational health and safety projects can be reached.

ISI . calldall’INAIL The Tentative Lists for Funding 2020: The long process for companies that requested construction incentives is about to end Occupational health and safety projects.

inside Deadline 4 February 2022 Interested parties should proceed with the redirect Application form Based on documentation it is necessary.

results and Publication of final time lists It will be published in March 16, 2022.


with the December 3, 2021 news, published INAIL Tentative chronological lists subordinate Ambitious recipients subordinate Funding provided by the ISI Call for 2020, from 2,000 to 130,000 euros minimum based on the reference axis.

Project Type Axis Beneficiaries Minimum amount Maximum amount
Investment projects and projects to adopt organizational and social responsibility models Funding Axis 1 Business 5,000 EUR 130,000 euros
Projects to reduce the risks of manual handling of loads (MMC) Funding Axis 2 Third sector companies and institutions 5,000 EUR 130,000 euros
Reclamation projects for materials containing asbestos Funding Axis 3 Business 5,000 EUR 130,000 euros
Projects for micro and small enterprises operating in specific sectors of activity Funding Axis 4 Business 2.000 EUR €50,000

List included comp which they correctly redirected, by Deadline 11 November 2021, request money for Improving workers’ health and safety conditions Through a dedicated IT desk.

All people who have not operated in line with Technical Rules They are excluded from the possibility of benefiting from the funds.

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in a ISI Information Note 2020 Provisional Chronological Lists is reading:

“With specific reference to applications, which are redirected to their computer counter, it has been determined that INAIL sends individual disqualification actions directly to those concerned, via the Pec address indicated by the company at the time of application completion.”.


However, at the same time Not all companies Those who meet the required criteria will actually benefit from the incentives. There are three Highlight the results of the application.

Message calendar
s Put them in a beneficial position to qualify for funding
S-REC He took a position useful for eligibility for funding, after the redemption made possible by excluding applications canceled due to violation of technical rules in the application of art. 14 of the ISI call 2020
n Temporarily disqualified due to lack of funds

The next and final stage ofISI INAIL CALL ACCESS PROCEDURES FOR 2020 It only concerns subjects who have submitted an application that has been received successful “s” NS “S-REC”.

Starting December 4 edition By the deadline of February 4, 2022At 6 pm, to take advantage of the expected funding, interested companies should send Modulo A and the Necessary documents To complete and confirm the application originally submitted.

date Next steps
February 4, 2022 Submit form (A) and documents confirming and completing the application
March 16, 2022 Publication of final time lists

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