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we are here. The women’s soccer tournament at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be the first event that kicks off the dance as the seriousness will begin from July 21.. Matches will follow each other until August 6th and 12 teams will compete for medals or Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Great Britain, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, United States, Zambia, Australia, China, Chile.

12 choices that do not witness the presence of the outgoing German Olympic champion, ineligible for the games due to their status in the World Cup 2019 in France and with the novelty of the British selection, which includes players from all federations of the United Kingdom, something that has not happened before.

The agreement between the aforementioned federations led to the presence of the British national team based on England’s result in the last World Championship. The result that, unfortunately, excluded Italy from Melina BertoliniClose to qualifying for this competition (elimination against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2019).

Who will be the favourite? Looking at the list of participants, the reference to Japan and the United States comes almost automatically: on the other hand, the choice of home with highly technical players who can offer something extra within friendly walls; On the other hand, world champions who can claim excellent skills on the green rectangle.

But beware of Holland and Great Britain. The Orange, vice world champions, are a growing team, and after winning the continental title, they asserted themselves at the global level. Then there was great curiosity about the British, as this choice would bring the UK players together, taking advantage of the English hard core that the strong players certainly do not lack.

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