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Father (in Australia) defeated a flock of birds

hit by one a flock of birds. the daddy It took them 40 years to come back with a new album but they probably never expected to be so beaten up by… the birds. Why it happened, at least in Australia:Official song chart, the official Pacific State best-selling record chart, put the album back on top disappearance songs. Not just any album, actually, but a bunch of songs and tweets 53 different species of birds, options are among those most at risk of extinction in Australia.

It was to assemble them David Stewart, an expert in natural hair recordings, has spent 30 years in animal sounds collection Which otherwise would not have been heard by anyone. A single chirp often takes several hours of chasing. “This album is very special because it records many birds that might not have survived if we didn’t work together to protect them‘, announced Paul SullivanCEO of BirdLife Australia.


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The entire project is from putting the recordings together and publishing them as a file any music CD It was created specifically with the aim of raising awareness among Australian institutions and the public about the extremely rich but increasingly threatened biodiversity: BBCAccording to a study conducted by Charles Darwin University, for him 1299 species of birds that inhabits the Australian territory well 216 threatened Above all of the phenomena caused by climate change, and among these above all are the devastating fires that broke out in 2019 and 2020.

Campaign launched disappearance songs It had its effect: on the best-selling recording chart in Australia, the album took a good fifth place, only surpassed by giants such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Paul Kelly (Australian Music Memorial Songwriter) H Taylor Swift. Dear Australian Birds have done better than ABBA, actually, but also weekend And discs are usually unshakable in the Christmas period, like those of Mariah Carey the Michael Buble.

The process was certainly very effective in terms of communication but remember how urgent it is to find it Innovative and instant ways To deal with an increasingly threatening animal world. and often me The sounds that nature produces It is a minor aspect of all this biological wealth, yet it is a key factor in understanding how much Biodiversity at increased risk. He also knows her well David MonachiThe composer and sound engineer who Wired Next Fest In 2019, he spoke about his project to visualize the increasingly menacing sounds it produces world forests. In short, the next time you’re in the woods or hear a bird’s song, pay attention.

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