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Intelligent work, but at the discretion of the worker. Fastweb has decided to extend remote work until June 2022. The agreement was signed, according to a memorandum, with labor unions With the aim of continuing on the path of renewal of the organizational model and business model towards an approach that relies increasingly on resilience and sustainability. A system designed to be practical to ensure the achievement of company goals but also to facilitate a balance between private and working life for more than 3,000 employees. The cancellation of the card that was to be stamped was announced a few months ago.

the agreement

It launched on a trial basis last October, The agreement provides for 100% of the population of the company

– and therefore including customer service personnel – Flexibility and independenceAdministration. The employees can then use the tool available to the company as they like. In fact, they have the ability to use the smart work tool for every working day, and decide whether to go to the office or work remotely during the day. Obviously in agreement with your manager.

Performance-based management and focus on results rather than headquarters, emphasizes the company. The Smart Work (er) project stems from Fastweb’s unified experience that has introduced smart work as an innovative way of working for its employees since 2016, with 4 days a month working remotely. That was from a pre-pandemic trade union agreement that would anyway become 8 as of May 2021. A sign that the company already has an interest in reconciling home and office times before the pandemic emergency.

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