Fastest grandmother in America: Julia Hawkins breaks the 100m record at 105

in Italy where The third age is progressing and is also suggested as an aid and reference point Parents who have work commitments and financial problems e Children eager to enjoy their grandparentsSport becomes an important stage Also for the master class. And in this athletic age group we find Italian grandparents. It is emphasized that This sports sector is very developed in the country, maybe arm in arm with The phenomenon of aging. In the current scenario the example of a 105-year-old woman, who is not Italian, but American, who set the world record in the 100-meter race, is shown.

In the age group over 105, Julia Hawkins signed 1:02.95 at the Louisiana Senior Games. the extraordinary The historical conquest of the hero of a hundred years He is quite an example and a symbol of the many ancestors in the world and also for those, it is clear that they are Italians. Julia wants to run this race every year and she doesn’t want to give up. Lead the class of all masters in the world. And she’s not the only one in history that has done so. In the Different disciplines of athleticsFor example, there were many practitioners over the age of 100, including the high jumper, who fell unusually first.

Hawkins started racing when He was already 100 years old. Sport is health and it also sends a message to many people, who are still settled in Italy, who have never played sports. In the category W100 has signed several records, in a blast, I just started running 100 metres. If he might have done a file 20 years old probably would have competed in the Olympics alongside Jesse Owens. She has brought her to glory now and in the United States she has become an icon of athletics and has herself become one.

In the men’s category, the record for the 100 meters belonged to Japan’s Hidekichi Miyazaki who fell in 2015 with 42 inches and 44. He passed away in 2019 at the age of 108.

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