Faster and more accurate diagnoses

How does the app work?

The application allows AI to learn from the daily work of thousands of human users. I give an example. When a pathologist looks for a cancer cell in a histology image, the app is able to learn from that identification and then independently improve the AI ​​system that finds the cells. Specifically, to find a cancer cell after a pancreatic cancer scan takes more or less 13 hours, with artificial intelligence it can be found in seconds. We enable companies like GE Healthcare, Siemens, and all the major medical device manufacturers to be able to create more accurate AI for this type of identification. Another example. When a radiologist diagnoses a fracture, it allows the AI ​​to learn from that view and then improve its knowledge on similar cases in the future. If thousands of radiologists do it at the same time, artificial intelligences can be created that are more capable and smarter than the doctors themselves.

What are the benefits for doctors and patients?

Diagnosis is faster and in some cases more accurate. Because AI is able to learn from thousands of different minds and is able to find patterns and indicators that can often be hidden in billions of data.

How can artificial intelligence accelerate innovation in the medical field?

Artificial intelligence, in general, is very suitable for understanding diseases. In fact, the data provided by the human body is not structured, it cannot be “indexed” by professionals, and artificial intelligence can still learn it. He is able to observe and simulate work. Particularly, in the medical field, he understands and combines the intelligence of different physicians into a model, with which he learns to recognize “things”—in this case a cancer cell, a nodule, and a pathology—more accurately than a single physician.

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