Fast Easter Diet: Get Fit in Just 3 Days

Easter is upon us and with it food, sweets and excess: here’s the diet that will allow you to get back in shape right after the holidays.

During the holidays it is normal to indulge in extravagance, feasting on sweets and all those foods that we usually do not eat, or at least do not eat in such quantities. In particular Easter Holiday It is an opportunity to be with dear ones, with family or friends and, of course, to eat amazing dishes together. From north to south, everyone has their own traditions, but one thing is for sure: the food never fails.

Fast food for Easter
What is the express diet in anticipation of Easter (

Here is paranoia Check the progress of the diet you hate Gain a few pounds Because of eating too much, it takes over and may even prevent us from properly enjoying the holidays. How do you do? Just get back in shape with this stunner Three days diet: It will be enough to keep you coming back as good as new, in light of Easter.

The three-day diet to get back in shape before Easter

You definitely can’t do miracles in three days, but what you can get is the total Detox To get rid of extra pounds and excess fluid, accumulated due to a wild life and non-compliance with diets and diets. It is a very strict feeding style that cannot be sustained for more than a few days, without encountering serious long-term drawbacks. In general, if you want to embark on a completely different lifestyle and revolutionize your way of eating, it is always best to contact a specialist in this sector such as a nutritionist or nutritionist.

Lose three kilograms in three days
Lose three kilos in three days: how to get back in shape after Easter –

The diet is based on seasonal fruits and vegetables and a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. An example of what the daily menu could be:

Green tea + dried fruits + low fat plain yogurt
Skimmed milk + unsweetened coffee + oat bran
Rice cakes + honey

Bean sprouts + steamed barley + vegetables
Turkey breast + vegetables
Natural tuna + cherry tomatoes + 2 egg whites

Fresh or dried fruit or low-fat white yogurt

Grilled meat + vegetables
Grilled seabass + vegetables
Grilled chicken + vegetables

The secret is always to pair steamed, boiled, or grilled seasonal vegetables with lean proteins like white meat, fish, or plant-based proteins. Packaged sweets, sugars, processed fats, alcohol, and fried foods are prohibited.

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