Fashion on TV: a paradoxical analysis of how trends are changing

Italy is a strange country, as we know. So beautiful that it amazes the souls of those who visit it, as well as self-defeating to get rid of even the most positive and sometimes proactive. Contradictions and contradictions appear every day from the North and the South, both in serious contexts and in other, lighter ones, to the point of reaching contradiction in some cases, such as with regard to Presence of fashion on TV, which is the most important media at all. Let’s think for a moment: One of the hottest countries in the fashion sector hosts a truly harmless amount of themed programming in the now-distracted TV show. fashion, often even with unsatisfactory results. A fact, as well as inexplicable, is difficult to digest.

TV change for generations?

However, this was not the case before. In the 90s, for example, on Italian television there were some important, if not hugely, columns that, in any case, faked fans and professionals, think for example “Fashion and Society” and “Nonsolomoda (è contemporary)” as well as Some American talents such as “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway”, are among Sky Ono’s first management titles. With the passage of time and the continuous expansion of the television show thanks to the introduction of the digital land, the fashion element has shifted to another direction, becoming a “accessory” of broader and more general formats, such as broadcasts focused on bon ton, on the correct rules to be kept when creating an outfit or In general on the entire wedding apparatus.

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Cognition problem?

It is difficult to trace the reason for this sudden change, which is also attested by the very low presence of leading designers in cultural entertainment programmes. So far, long interviews have been conducted in Television From absolute franchisees like Pierpaolo Piccioli (Valentino’s creative director) and Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior’s creative director), the perks of Donatella Versace or Alessandro Michele (Gucci’s creative director) were counted with the dropper. The same certainly can’t be said about the web, just think for example of “Wild Moss”, the fun and very popular podcast sponsored by Fedez and Luis Sal that aired on YouTube and Spotify, who has always been very attentive Fashion world with Light interviews help to better understand the importance of the brand and the objected artist.

Fashion on TV Life and People MagazineThe feeling, in general, is that in our country in general fashion It is not seen as in theory it should be seen, that is, as a principle of artistic expression, but as merely an aesthetic offshoot too trivial to receive proper attention. After all, Chiara Ferragni herself, the world’s most important influencer, is often the subject of ridicule and mockery by a large portion of our domestic audience who, despite billions in turnover, still does not fully understand the meaning of a digital entrepreneur, a term considered Empty and has no specific value.

From fashion icon to TV star: the differences between Italy and the United States

Few, if not few, even personalities in Italy managed to gravitate without delay between fashion and television, dressed in the clothes of famous fashion houses on air. So far, one of the most virtuous examples is that of Giulia Salemi, who was once too skilled to make way in the challenging world of entertainment by opening her way up with Miss Italia and then participating as influencers on shows like Beijing Express and Big Brother VIP, first as a competitor and now as a socialite. Since his name began to spread frequently in the environment, Al Salmi always wears sportswear of the highest quality and value on stage; (In the past, for example, he wore brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Nensi Dojaka, and many others.)

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Fashion on TV Life and People MagazineAnother face that constantly stands out in front of the cameras of the world’s best fashion creations is the face of Barbara Dorso, who appeared on the occasion of “The pupa and the nerd” with a collection of freely inspired clothing by Coco Chanel’s masterpieces, enriched with modern accessories (last season must have been from Valentino’s PP, last season ). The situation is different in the United States, where Fashion and TV They communicate openly in a smooth and fluent manner. Here then, Olivia Palermo, winner of the reality show “The City”, contributes without a special word to the launch of the career of Christian Siriano (winner of Project Runway 4) and those personalities such as Kim Kardashian and Christine Quinn, albeit controversial in their own way, managed to create A winning combination between worlds of incredible grip.

How did the trend change?

What should change in Italy is probably people’s perception of the fashion sector, which is now down and taken in a serious manner only for two events in particular, the Sanremo Festival and to a lesser extent the Venice Film Festival. To reverse the trend, television needs to note the attractive power of the greatest designers, specifically those mentioned above.

Pierpaolo Piccioli Valentino Life & People LifeandPeople.it . MagazineAre we really convinced that an educated and refined mind like that of Pier Paolo Piccioli is incapable of stimulating the attention of onlookers by telling us what it really means to create a set, to use inspiration and a bord mood, and to translate ideas into clothes? Even the tremendous contribution he makes fashion Italian is capable of giving to culture, and our country will live in the eternal paradox of being the primary producer of beauty, without understanding the real wonder that the entire sector can offer.

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