Farewell to Giancarlo Pesci, Simon’s father


For a long time as a judge, he died at the age of 81. The son of a journalist in the Sports Editorial Office said: “History is his great passion.”

He has made justice his compass and his profession. Giancarlo Pesci, the long-time investigating judge of Bergamo and father of our colleague Simon, died last night at the age of 81, from illness.

Genoese by birth, Giancarlo Pesci Bergamo soon became adopted. After high school and graduating in law in the capital of Liguria, he joined the judiciary in 1976. It is the Toga road that leads him to European land: his first appointment, after competition, is actually the appointment of praetor at Clusone, where he took office in 1977. At the Valley headquarters The top deals specifically with a leading issue at the time, the number one causes of work accidents.

In 1982 he moved to the district court of Bergamo, and to the Palazzo de Justesia he lived – through several roles – the longest period of his career, always as a justice of the peace: he moved after the district court to the labor court, then to the civil, then to the offender as a judge of preliminary investigations, until Another return to the civil service.

In 2000 he ended his experience in the judiciary, but not his commitment to justice and others: between 2005 and 2010 he was in fact the “ombudsman” of the municipality of Bergamo, a guarantee of the citizen, and a precious help in extricating oneself. From the narrow networks of bureaucracy, regulations, complaints, and harms; He also devoted himself to teaching Italian to foreign citizens.

Giancarlo Pesci leaves his wife Camila and his two children: Simon, his eldest son, a journalist in the sports editorial team of Lecco di Bergamo, and Serena, the mathematics teacher of “Vittorio Emanuele”. “He was a very shy person, very aloof, who did not like to appear – is the remembrance of his son Simon -. He knew how to manage emotions well, he was a very rational man, with a great interest in listening. History was his passion, especially contemporary, but he also read a lot of science fiction. He was a big fan of Genoa.”

Giancarlo Pesce’s funeral home was established in Curno’s home; The funeral will be held on Saturday at 2:30 pm in the Ognissanti Chapel in Bergamo Cemetery.. Lico di Bergamo’s condolences to Simon and his family.

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