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January 7, 2022 at 12:45

A new academic study claims that the game fantasy football It can lead to mental health risks, with more serious exacerbations based on the time spent playing. This was reported by the English newspaper WatchmanExplaining that what can be defined as a unique research conducted by Nottingham Trent University and published in the journal Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, examining the mental health and well-being of fantasy footballers, an activity very popular in England, but equally popular in our country.

. has been surveyed 1,995 people who recorded their participation in the game – the time they spent playing, researching and thinking about fantasy football – and its effect on their mood, social conditioning and habits. While about a quarter of respondents (24.6%) said the game caused a slight decrease in their mood, this number nearly doubled among users who felt most affected by the results.

Slightly worse or far worse moods reported due to fantasy football 44% of these Who spent more than 45 minutes playing, more than 60 minutes searching, and more than 120 minutes thinking about the famous game every day. 20.8% of the respondents spends more than 45 minutes a day playing games; the 34% of users More participants said the game caused them at least some mild anxiety (compared to 20% of all players) 37% said Which had a major impact on their lives, causing what researchers called “functional deficits.”

Fantasy football is popular all over the world, with survey respondents attending from 96 countries. The researchers found that sharing on social media added,The myriad of complex cognitive and psychosocial processes that can negatively affect mental healthThey also made a comparison with video games, noting that there is a relative lack of control over outcomes in fantasy football. Additional risk factor for mental health.

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«It is impossible for the vast majority of those who play it to win fantasy football, and it is possible that the more a person invests, the more negatively they are affected when they lose. Our study highlights the overall positives that a game can bring, but also warns of potential negatives and justifies the idea that more should be done to monitor the amount of time allotted to this game.» commented the doctor Luke Wilkins, the study’s principal investigator and expert in sports and exercise psychology at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology, reports Football and finance.

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