Fans are building a bridge to reach Apocalypse on foot –

From a fan Valhaim He built a wooden bridge for that To reach the end of the world just by walking. As you can see at the bottom of the news, in the video shared on Reddit, the build is simple Ponte It passes over the waves of the sea and reaches the limits of the game map.

The creator is a Reddit user Thommynocker. His video allows you Enjoy the silence of what is at the end of the world in Valheim. Survival, as more experienced players know (literally), is a large disc whose limits are nothing but an eternal void and bottomless waterfalls. If you reach this vicinity of the map by boat, you run the risk of being carried away. Of course there is always a chance that you will sink well sooner.

The bridge that reaches the end of the world in Valheim It’s so long that it takes a full minute of running to get to the end. The Creator apparently tried to jump over the fall, but he died. The construction of the bridge wasn’t easy either – it got rid of it six times during the whole process.

Valheim continues to be the center of attention for players. The work is available recently but is receiving a series of modifications: for example an HD Texture Pack is available, the mod works to enhance 255 textures.

Also, it’s Valheim Diablo with the release of the Epic Loot, and here’s where to download it.

The bridge is at the end of the world from P / Valheim

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