Falsification of vaccination certificates requires blockchain-based solutions

In Australia, as fake coronavirus vaccination certificates spread, local experts are calling for the nationwide integration of a blockchain-based vaccine passport to ensure the country’s ‘Covid certification’ system is effective.

Report for Australian Date some scammers They will sell more than 200 fake certificates for $120 each, with 900 potential interested parties on the list. Scammers are promoting their product claiming that it is the only way.”Be the only one who knows you haven’t been vaccinated‘, even under the pretext of being able to enter false data into the Australian Immunization Registry.

These scammers are certainly not alone: ​​many are suggesting fake Covid certificates claiming to work with doctors in Australia, Europe, the United States and parts of Asia to provide fake vaccination documents internationally.

Other vendors claim to offer cheaper solutions to bypass health guidelines, claiming to sell fake vaccination records for $12.99 each, directly from the Apple App Store.

According to Robert Potter of cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0, Australia must take advantage of blockchain technology to ensure that its Covid certification system is not compromised. He urged Australian and international authorities to adoptThe signature cannot be reproducedBased on the blockchain:

We can find a foolproof system that only others can use, but in fact we need a global system that everyone can use“I have announced.”It will be the encoded equivalent of a hologram.

In some countries, blockchain is already being used to check the status of vaccination against Covid, with initiatives currently exploring such technology in the United States and China, South Korea And in Colombia. Global technology group IBM has developed a blockchain-based system that is integrated with Amadeus, an airline reservation system used by more than 450 carriers around the world.

Blockchain Australia Vice President Karen Cohen believes that blockchain-based Covid certification could pave the way for the secure exchange of health data around the world. Mentionsed: “This is going to be a really great test as a globally secure way to share health data.

However, not everyone agrees that a blockchain-based vaccination system is needed in Australia, such as Services Australia CEO Hank Jongen, who says his organization’s current Covid certification application contains “Advanced Anti-fraud Features“.

Any fraudulent creation of a COVID-19 digital certificate does not mean that our systems or personal data have been compromised“Behold, Avermato Boy”.In case there are differences […] Services Australia will contact the provider to ensure the accuracy of this information and to correct the data if necessary“.

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