False restart of American marathons: New York unknown to European runners

The countdown is ruthless. Chicago on October 10 and Boston on October 11 and then there’s Lee, the 50th edition of New York on November 7 was postponed last year and scaled back to 33,000 participants in 2021. While Tokyo has just announced that the marathon will be postponed to 2022 scheduled for October 17 ( Instead, Rome departed at dawn and in reduced numbers), the rendezvous with New York remains one that acquires a great unknown: the impossibility, at least for now, of crossing the border into the United States. The government restrictions in effect affect all citizens of the Schengen area, as well as the United Kingdom, China and Brazil. The White House in recent days has announced the green light for vaccination (except for those with AstraZeneca) for a number of countries, including Italy. We’re talking about November but we’re not saying exactly when and for those waiting for the start on Sunday 7 for the next few weeks risk turning into a stifling, indefinite wait. The big question is: Will the borders open in time to be at the start of the marathon?

Goodbye Chicago and New York City unknown

“The Start Line is Around the Corner” is the title of the recent New York City TCS Marathon newsletter that arrives in the mailbox – like a joke – at 11 p.m. on September 15, the day when last hopes of sharing were in news also coming from Bank Of America Chicago Marathon: “The Chicago Marathon has noted travel restrictions to the United States and offered the possibility of postponing the bibliography to the October 2022 issue.” Tour operator Terramia announced this on social media, announcing the “cancellation” of the 42-kilometer move from the race. A city where the wind blows. The screenshot of the Instagram post travels at full speed in the conversations of those who have already seen themselves on the shore of Lake Michigan, but also among subscribers in Boston and New York. Because it’s clear: The Italians (and others excluded) won’t be there and it’s not known if they’ll be able to change things up in time to be in Central Park on November 7. And certainly not for Boston on October 11th.

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Tour operator feedback

“We’re at the window and so are our customers,” the tour operators say. unanimous chorus. Born2run writes to New York City-registered runners emphasizing that it believes it is “fair and transparent to suspend the booking credit request” in light of the fact that the marathon is no exception to US travel restrictions for European citizens. “The scenario is complicated because there are no confirmed facts – explains Massimo Rossi, president of Ovunque Running -. Marathons will take place, but it is not possible to enter the United States and we do not have a date on which there could be a change in provisions currently.”.

In short, it is better to continue training but to prepare psychologically for procrastination. “I am on a good stage, I miss 3 hours too long. In July 172 km, in August 266, in September I already reached 118. I must understand if I will change the table for participation in Venice on October 24 – says Stefano Bongiovanni, one of the Italians Many with the 50th TCS New York City Marathon Bib – hopefully they’ll decide soon… Uncertainty isn’t exactly fun.” In his own group, waiting for news from the Big Apple, there are those who never believe in it and just run so they don’t get caught unprepared and those who consistently keep doing three workouts a week, with about 150 km per month between extended periods of 30 km and more and using races as tests.

Back to normal

Meanwhile, half of Berlin has reignited the excitement of international competition. The German organization has shown that running, even with a pandemic not yet averted, is possible. The two main surveys scheduled for our continent – Berlin on 26 September and London on 3 October – will run using the green corridor and an exhibition swab for the unvaccinated in Germany, an additional swab for everyone in the UK. The Loch Ness Marathon in Scotland takes place on 3 October and the Stockholm Marathon on 9 October. On October 17, they confirmed Lisbon, Paris and Amsterdam. Barcelona awaits runners at the foot of Montjuïc on November 7, and Athens and Ravenna on November 14. Maspalomas confirmed the Marathon of the Canary Islands on November 21 as well as Lanzarote and Valencia in December. Thus, while the most anxious are already shifting registrations from states to European designations, the most optimistic are counting on the mercy of Mr. President.

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