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Early in the afternoon, July 23, rescuers from Verona on the Lesinian Heights took part in two interventions in quick succession.

At around 13.30, Suem 118 was alerted by a female climber who injured herself on the rock-climbing wall of Alcenago-Stallavena, in Grezzana. The 32-year-old from Verona fell, hit a wall and suffered trauma to her knee.
Her companions lowered the woman to the base, and she was reached by the mountain rescue team, who immobilized her leg. The injured woman was carried on a stretcher to an ambulance, which then took her to hospital.

Then, the rescue trail was diverted up Mount Verona to Vajo delle Ortighe, in Bosco Chiesanuova, as one of the hikers slipped for several metres. The woman had missed her foot, potentially causing trauma to her ankle. The director of the Podesteria shelter arrived immediately, and was able to give signals of the situation and possible obstacles to the approach of the air ambulance.
Seeing no problems, the 64-year-old hiker was picked up from Villa Bartolomea by emergency helicopter from Verona and taken to Negar Hospital.

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