Fairgames announced for PS5 and PC with a trailer, the first game from Haven Studios

Verjimes It is the first game from Haven Studios, the Jade Raymond team, and was announced at PlayStation Showcase with tractorkisa: will come out soon on PS5 and PCand appears to be a heist game in which we control a handful of “rebels” bent on changing the world.

The video, made in CGI, doesn’t say much about Play From this new PlayStation exclusive, even if there are several products belonging to the same genre that somewhat indicate what the mechanics and structure of the experience can be, certainly a live service.

As you may remember, PlayStation senior management announced last October that Haven is not just making a game, it’s changing the way games are made: really interesting premises for a project that, for the time being, might be different from the one that was expected.

“The Haven team and I are thrilled to finally announce the project we’re working on. Our first IP, Fairgame$, is a modern take on the ‘heist’ genre, where you organize yourself to score sure shots,” Creative Director Mathieu wrote. Leduc. In short, this is an exciting competitive heist-themed title where you join a secret movement to rob the super rich and even score.

“I have always loved creating new IPs that provide a sense of mystery and a window into the different subcultures of the community. In many ways, my personal experience and the collective experience of the entire team in creating a new IP and working on engaging multiplayer titles is brought here.”

“$Fairgame will give you the chance to break the rules as the modern-day Robin Hood, stuntman or just a collector of luxury loot. Hack into private property around the world, line your pockets like a kid in a candy store, and foil the outrageous plans of the outcast billionaires.”

“We founded Haven with the goal of creating the kind of games we all love to play. As big fans of competitive multiplayer experiences, $Fairgame was born out of a desire to create a new type of PvP game with promising sandbox gameplay. We want to create a new multiplayer experience that rewards creativity and skill, and offers Surprising stories every time you play.”

“Every member of our team shares the same vision: to create welcoming, inclusive multiplayer experiences that serve as a link between communities. This shared enthusiasm is the driving force behind our imagination: it encourages you to collaborate in groups to plan and execute epic staged heists in any style you want.”

$Fairgame will be available on PS5 and PC and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Right now we are focused on bringing Fairgame$ to life and will share more details as soon as possible. I want to thank the entire Haven team for the extraordinary work and passion they put into it. whatever they do.”

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