Facebook will revolutionize privacy, and those things will go away

Political correctness has become more urgent on the social network Facebook, to the point where censorship has reached extreme levels. Many users have recently complained about bans that don’t make sense, which are dictated by an algorithm that doesn’t contextualize comments.

Moreover, from December 1st, these restrictions will increase more and more. In fact, there will be new changes to the profiles of users registered on the social network, which will lead to a reduction in personal information on their profile pages.

The new profile changes

With the December 1 update, Many fields will be deleted from our personal profiles. They relate to religious, political, gender and address orientation. If you fill in any of these fields, you should receive a notification letting you know that they have been deleted.

Besides the notice, there will be A notice informing the user that a copy can be downloaded of this data before the update. Therefore, if you are concerned about keeping this information, it will be necessary to make a backup copy prior to the update date.

Consequences of the update

The focal point of this update isn’t much in the left out information, which leads to a more “skinny” profile page. Instead, it brings Think of seeing Facebookor more generally the Meta group, User privacy.

In fact, these sections have been around since the dawn of the social network, which is why this decision was made. The company takes data privacy very seriouslySo much so, that social media consultant Matt Navarra shared the screenshot of the notification directly on his Twitter profile.

Media reaction

The company was contacted by various media to request comment on this novelty. Meta has stated that it wants to make Facebook easier to navigate, but while removing such news from users’ personal pages, It will never be forbidden to share it with other people on the social network.

So the company specification is that this It is not a form of censorship, It is a stylistic choice, to renew the platform. Moreover, the fields of information to be removed were never present on other social networks, which indicates that they are not of particular interest to users.

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