Facebook will change its name referring to the creation of the metaverse, says Mark Zuckerberg –

Facebook social networking site will change Noun From the company, with a possible announcement that may already arrive during the annual Connect conference, scheduled for October 28, 2021: Mark Zuckerberg wants to emphasize the Create Metaverse Also through this official change.

There is no exact information on this topic yet, but Mark Zuckerberg From the company he told The Verge that we would “transform the vision from a social media company to a company focused on the metaverse,” apparently, with a new name that could symbolize this very formal and structured change.

Facebook, the old logo may soon disappear with the name change

a Re-branding It could also help separate Facebook’s darker legal affairs, which recently came back under a magnifying glass after a former employee’s revelations about an alleged disinformation algorithm, from the bright future that Zuckerberg has in mind for your company.

This might be a change in line with what Google did at the time of the Alphabet reorganization, to also emphasize how the company was no longer exclusively search engine niche but had Expand their horizons Service fronts, Zuckerberg’s idea aligns with this need to change Facebook’s overall vision.

One possible option for a new Facebook name might be its own name horizon, or you have something to do with the word in some way, considering that recently a new upcoming virtual reality app has appeared which should be called Horizon Worlds and it should represent a kind of Roblox in VR, while the demo of the program was developed in order to be called communication and collaboration between colleagues The name Horizon Workrooms, which seems to indicate a certain insistence on the word in question.

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