Facebook, what is the new logo that has appeared on the profiles

In the past few days, many Italians Upon accessing Facebook, they saw a notification appear on the wall. The banner sent by the social network officials read: “Important note: On November 29, 2018, AGCM sanctioned Facebook for unfair commercial practice.”

Facebook, what is a new banner appearing on the profiles: fine

The connection refers to a ruling ordered by the antitrust authority, for which the platform had to pay a fine 10 million euros.

It is the final chapter in a story that dates back to three years ago, when the Italian antitrust condemnedMenlo Park Corporation for every Unfair commercial practice, And that Facebook is now communicating with its users.

On the basis of punishment, there is an AGCM charge towards the social network to deceive its members Which led them to believe that using the platform is free.

However, if the registration has no tangible costs, according to the guarantor, The social networking site Facebook You must have been expressly informed that the use of the platform includes the exploitation of personal data, provided by the users, to analyze and sell it to advertisers, who in turn use it to achieve Targeted ads.

Facebook, what is the new slogan that appeared on the profiles for: Communication

On the page devoted to the sign’s explanations, we read how the authority found the managers of the social network guilty of not “informing consumers adequately and promptly, upon activating the account, of the collection activity, with commercial intent, about the data provided by them. In this way, they led consumers to register on the Facebook platform,” Emphasize the service reward“.

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The Lack of clarity Through the social network, AGCM ruled an incorrect practice, to the point of incriminatingZuckerberg Corporation By some obligations that have only been partially honored.

Antitrust ordered Facebook first to remove the writing “It’s free and always will be” From the page dedicated to registrations that have disappeared since 2019.

Second, it was possible to report that the initiatives implemented were the result of a suspended sanction from the AGCM, through an explicit announcement By December 15, 2020, But this has not been widespread for accounts yet.

Caused a delay An additional fine of 7 million euros Imposed by a guarantor in mid-February that led the social network to run for cover.

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