Facebook is betting on entertainment to create digital marketing lessons for companies like yours

The social network has always become the sales and branding platform for small and micro businesses. In a country with many cell phones, it couldn’t be any different.

Focusing on this audience, Facebook has evolved over the years (under the Facebook for Business umbrella) through courses and tutorials, promoting the use of its digital marketing tools with small businesses.

The novelty is that these previously useful substances are now absorbed more and more often Showbiz. This Wednesday the 12th, Facebook launched the site Promote my business (“Impulsion Meu Negosios”), which was released in the US and UK, and now has a Brazilian version.

On top of the project, Facebook CEO Cadija Tysiani explains:

“We have always taken an educational and hands-on approach to make the most of our platforms. Boost My Business is the first time that we’ve taken a slightly more creative approach and added an element of entertainment.”

With a Preeta Gill presentation, there will be four episodes, each of about 12 minutes long, each focusing on a different company and streamed on Facebook (Find out on Draft’s Instagram The first episode is complete.)

“In a complex pandemic environment, where people consume more digital content, we feel the need for an approach that inspires an entrepreneur more and makes suggestions in a nice and fun way,” Cadija explains.

The first in the chain is dedicated to food without food

Mira da Costa, 39, is the first female champion in the ring. Free spiritual food is offered, a buffet featuring black women, immigrants and conscious food use.

Myra was produced in the northern region of São Paulo, and it is a qualified printer; He worked in the region when he spent four years in Carpi, northern Italy. There he faced life’s difficulties as an immigrant and always found himself intolerant to lactose, which changed his relationship with food.

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Back in Brazil, in 2016, he started his own business, which went from B2C to B2B.

“Free Soul was born as healthy food. Then we asked for a budget for company events – and we specialized in that kind of event.”

In Italy, Mayra knew the concept of “zero kilometers”, thanks to the privilege of purchasing inputs from local suppliers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and implementing the idea in Free Soul. Another tip is to fully use food:

“We produce about 50% less waste than traditional food companies. If we make passion fruit juice for an event, the peel will be used for gelatin. With bananas, the bark becomes a vegetarian” crazy meat “…

Come to work but Pandey is losing nearly everywhere

Mira claims that she initially used Facebook for her sales, engaged in e-commerce and targeted the ultimate consumer.

Mayra da Costa, businesswoman at Free Soul Food.

But in B2C, as delivery app (like Food and UberEats) became its main channel, its use of the network changed. “Facebook has become, for me, a tool for generating visibility and brand consistency – and above all for creating strategic partnerships.”

Likewise, it has appeared on corporate radar and changed focus. In parallel, Myra joined the Facebook Leaders Network.

“This is a program in which entrepreneurs are asking to be a part of it,” says Kadega. Upon their acceptance, they receive exclusive content [sobre marketing e gestão] And more dedicated support from our team. “

A free spirit developed. In 2019 he won a tender and started managing two refueling points within the company.

“This year has been the best in Free Soul history. We serve more than 10,000 people, produce nearly 1 million rich people and provide continuous income for more than 40 people …”

In March 2020, the Coronavirus forced Mira to cancel all events (scheduled for the second half of the year) and to complete its expansion plans.

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Even worse, in the midst of the relocation, work was delayed and suspended for four months.

Live fully and help the company introduce a new product

“A lot of people in Brazil work out of necessity,” says Cadija of Facebook. “The epidemic has intensified and the number of small businesses has increased because many of them have become redundant.”

As the competition intensifies, so has the ferocity of digitization. According to Serasa Experian’s data, 70% of small businesses are switching to online sales during the outbreak.

Mira had to convert to B2C. The widespread adoption of remote work has indicated the method:

“In March 2020, I saw a poll on LinkedIn that indicated that 40% of people in the home office do not eat full meals and 70% do not engage in any physical activity. I was affected a lot.”

From the Free Spirit’s internal survey of 400 customers, he came to some conclusions. “People tried to solve the food problem by themselves, but in a destructive way, they did not know what to buy, or how to prepare …”

Mira started her weekly livelihood by teaching herbal recipes. Another bonus is the creation of a new product, an inclusive basket, to facilitate the routine for those who want to get their homemade food on time. [de preparo] Macaroni:

“We ship sterilized vegetables, rice, cooked beans and spices … all portions and to this health line.”

Create “stage heads” for digital marketing

Al Shamel Basket was launched in mid-2020. Around this time, he received an invitation via the Facebook Leaders Network to participate in Boost My Business, of which he was already a member.

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The Maíra project came at a time of “great work”.

“I had this new product and I was trying to use the tools to promote it and I didn’t know how. So the people in Boost My Business suggested doing this campaign. Answer. People used it a lot and I thought it was beautiful, but I don’t know how to use it … ”

Behind the scenes, the connection lasted for about a month, with Marina receiving input from Marina Cosner, a digital marketer on Facebook.

“I have never used advertising tools well and have not defined target audience very much,” says Mira. Marina realizes that it is not an insect that has seven heads.

Chairman Joao Jardim (documentary co-director) Unusual garbageNominated for an Academy Award in 2011) and the recording lasted three days. In the video, Brita narrates the conversation between Jill Mara and Marina in her home office.

Cadija said, “Then the magic happens: The businessman learns from Brita, Facebook learns from the expert and Britta learns together.” “These people are getting stronger under the pandemic and have an inspiring and creative history … It’s good to see that.”

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