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Facebook intentionally affected the legislative process in 2021

Facebook intentionally damaged news sites and accounts from Australian hospitals and emergency services last year to sway the progress of a bill that would have forced web giants to pay for content posted on their websites and platforms from information companies. This was written by the “Wall Street Journal”, noting that social media later supported all forms of premeditation.

The US newspaper obtained internal documents and testimonies submitted to US and Australian authorities, which show that Facebook planned and carried out an attack against Australian social profiles as a real “preemptive attack” to obtain maximum leverage through negotiation with Australian lawmakers. By blocking the profiles of Australian publishers and the media on its platform, Facebook allegedly acted with the knowledge that it was harming essential services and charitable organizations. Internal documents also show that some Facebook employees raised the issue with the company’s top management, which, however, silenced everything.

Documents seen by the newspaper reveal, among other things, that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself congratulated his associates on the success of the attack on Canberra. The Wall Street Journal reports that five days of cyber chaos that Facebook caused in Australia resulted in a massive capitulation by the Australian Parliament, which agreed to amend the law by effectively absolving Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms Inc.

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