Facebook hacked the data of 35 million Italians on the Internet

As I mentioned before Corriere della Sera, The hack is back in 2019. Now The database containing the stolen data is freely available to all. “It’s not a small problem – cybersecurity expert Ricardo Megeato explained to the newspaper – it is a confirmation of how much information these platforms have and how difficult it is to keep them under control.”

Regarding the case of Italy, Megiato added that “in recent months the operator has been hit: by combining data with that stolen from Facebook, it is also possible to add‘Home Address. Don’t panic, but it’s okay to be aware of what happened and adopt but small Great precautions“.

Then the expert gave some Helpful tips for securing our data. To check if our email is in the database, you can go back to website and change the access password beforehand. Another tip is to never use the phone number associated with Facebook for two-factor verifications. The same for phishing: Pay particular attention to email scams or messages in which we are asked to click on apparently safe links.

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