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Fabulous animals and where to find them

We often travel to discover all the famous and iconic attractions that over the years have become symbols of entire cities, towns and territories. Those who see, meditate and photograph at least once in a lifetime, the same things that represent a An invaluable heritage for all of humanity.

However, at other times, we do so to find the wonders that belong to the world we live in, those shaped by nature And no one else.

But it also happens that sometimes they push us to cross the globe The creatures that inhabit. Animals that found their home in lands far from us and stayed there. And it is precisely in those places that we want to take you today to discover all the adorable animals Which you can meet and learn about during a trip to Australia.

Unusual Australian animals

Australian animals are very diverse, perhaps one of them The richest in the entire planet. It features many endemic species that cannot be encountered anywhere else in the world.

koala, as well as kangaroos, are the most famous animals of this wonderful region, as well as symbols of the whole of Australia. Over time, in fact, their presence has attracted an increasing number of travelers from all over the world who come here just to meet them.

however, Besides koalas and kangaroos, there are many more. In fact, within the entire continent there are approximately 400 species of mammals and about 900 specimens of birds. Here live thousands of fish of all classes and then again lizards, crocodiles and other marine animals.

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It is possible to meet them in their natural habitat, or to get lost and immerse yourself in the many natural parks that unfold throughout the territory and whose purpose is precisely to Protecting the flora and fauna of the continent.

From North to South, Passing East and West: A Journey to Australia Lets Us Do It Close encounters with unique and unusual specimens. But we have to tell you, not all of them are as sweet and cuddly as koalas or quokkas – the latter are notorious for the big smiles they give – because some are just too scary and unattainable. Let’s find them all.

Australian animals and where to meet them

When we talk about Australia we can’t help but think of it koalaAnimals that, with such a gentle and sweet side, inevitably captured our hearts. And there are many people who choose to travel to the other side of the world just to meet them live, be photographed and pampered. Spotting them won’t be difficult: you can actually find them along the stretch of forest that winds along the Great Victoria Road into the ocean. This is where one of the largest populations of koalas in the entire country lives.

In the first place of popularity, besides koalas, we also find kangaroo. Over the centuries, these Australian marsupials have become a symbol and icon for the entire continent. You can spot these animals everywhere: along a country road, or by walking in the woods. Or you can go to the wildlife parks where they live and interact with people like Morisset park in New South Wales.

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Among the most desirable get-togethers for travelers there is definitely one cuckoo. In fact, these tiny marsupials are especially famous for their big, enduring smiles, so much so that they have been renamed the happiest animals on earth. If you want to observe them in nature, the advice is to get to Rottnest Island, also known as Coca Island.

also wombat They arouse a lot of interest among travelers, especially with regard to their cute and funny side. However, spotting them will be a little tricky, especially because they tend to only come out of their burrows at night. To meet them, you will have to head to the territory of southeastern Australia or to Tasmania.

And in this particular state, you have to stop for another close encounter, with the very famous person The Tasmanian Devil. However, do not be fooled by the name, because in fact this animal is very shy and discreet and does not pose a danger to humans, unless it feels threatened.

subordinate tiger snakeInstead, you should be afraid. It is one of the most poisonous and dangerous specimens in the world. And yes, she lives in Australia, inhabits the southern regions. Better not get too close!

Another animal to stay away from is sea ​​crocodileThe largest living reptile in the world is found in northern Australia. If you really want to have a close encounter with this dangerous animal, the advice is to reach out to Darwin. In fact, inside the Crocosaurus Cove theme park, it is possible to swim with crocodiles.

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