“Fabrizio is still, intubated and covered up to his neck.”

Carmen Beach – Paolo Bianchini, from Mexico, talks about the condition of his brother Fabrizio who is hospitalized with Covid: “They are thinking about making him wake up slowly”

Fabrizio Bianchini

Fabrizio Bianchini

Carmen Beach – “Fabrizio is still, tuberous and covered up to his neck.” President Paolo Bianchini Mio (Hospitality Business Movement) is in Mexico next to his 39-year-old brother, who has been hospitalized for Covid.

It has been a nightmare week for him and his family.

Fabrizio, better known as “Bizio”, is fighting his battle against Covid.

Paolo, despite his physical distance, was always close to him. But then he decided to shorten this distance and go to Mexico.

He wrote on Facebook while traveling to Playa del Carmen:Let’s go get it backAnd then the heart.

On Friday Paolo saw his brother. “Fabrizio is still, intubated and covered up to his neck,” he wrote from Mexico.

And again: “I’m out of ICU. Laid on his back and no longer prone. Breathing is always 50% oxygen pressure, responds well and saturates at 95.” They want to see how he reacts over the weekend to try to reduce the sedative and get up slowly next week.”

August 8, 2021

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