Fable, Perfect Dark, and Everwild can all appear on the next Xbox –

mythAnd the Total darkness Ed Everweld They are so far away and their evolution is so far on the high seas that they can even venture out in The next Xbox: Chris Ding, GamesIndustry journalist, said during a video broadcast.

Talking about a situation Exclusive for every PS5 e Xbox Series X | SIn light of the recent backstory in the remake of The Last of Us and Sony’s obsession with conversations with blockbuster movies, Ding revealed that he had spoken to some folks at work at Xbox Game Studios.

Well, those developers would have admitted to the reporter that the three games in question, as mentioned by Fable, Perfect Dark and Everwild, are still in Initial production stages Hence, it will be a long time before you see them in stores.

“I own one Xbox X Series And I love him, just as much as I do PlayStation 5Because I found so many exclusive offers not available on the Microsoft platform, ”said Ding, starting at 6:50 PM in the video below.

“When you look at Xbox, you know the company has some amazing development teams and their games on the way, but I had some conversations with friends who work at Xbox Game Studios and the titles they announced, Fable and Perfect Dark and Everwild, are way too far.”

“They are so far away that one might venture out New xbox Before becoming available! I mean a mid-generation upgrade, not an entirely new model, “Ding specified, adding that as of now, there are simply not a handful of Xbox Series X | S exclusive offerings.

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