Fabio Vitolo, a Neapolitan pizza chef, has returned from Australia to make a living from music

Story of the Fabio It is part of the many Neapolitan hedgehogs who, with art in their own hands, decided to leave to inform the world of the unique Neapolitan fragrance made of basil and red pulp, but the secret ingredient was the desire to compose music. «One morning I was preparing my usual dough, and as always, my voice accompanies me. I started singing a Napoli song, I don’t remember what, but it caught my eye Antonio Papaccioa professional with a degree from the conservatory, who asked me to go to his recording studio.”

Those afternoons in the studio spawned some videos that quickly made Fabio’s voice famous on social media. “A godsend,” Fabio repeats. After being contacted by several artists, he began to take a turn in his musical path. Even Biagio CicarelliA childhood friend suggested helping him produce the song “I so Napulitano”. “My dream has become a reality and, in small steps, I have been led by the hand of great musicians in creating new productions and collaborating with the big names of the current New Zealand scene such as Josie Atanasio And Anthony“.


Back home, Fabio made his radio debut on Gianni Simoli’s La Radiazza on Radio Marti and is currently working on his new record production, “L’Ammore Overo” with Mario Guida and Mario D’Angelo. “I live this adventure day in and day out and always humble and without a lot of cockroaches in my head, but the desire to compose music never gave up on me. I want to turn my passion into work and music.”

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