Fabio Castori tells the story of the legendary “Baia degli Angeli”

Nearly four and a half hours of testimonies, stories, anecdotes and lots of music from that magical period. All this is an audio documentary curated by Fabio Castori QN – Resto del CarlinoTitled “Once Upon a Time There Was a Bay of Angels”. The work reconstructs the birthdate, date and sunset of the coolest nightclub in Italian history created in Gabicce di Cattolica by businessman Giancarlo Terrotti. At that moment, June 29, 1975, nightclubs or disco as it is understood today was born in Italy and from there the long history of people at night begins.

“I wanted to prepare this document – explains Kasturi – because this place was a radical cultural and social change. These were the years after the 1968 revolution and were the years of political commitment at any cost. Going against this trend, the Bay of Angels has established itself as a meeting place where no one cares People with politics, as they just wanted to have fun and sit together, away from any kind of cultural pollution and legacies of the past.For the first time, people from all over the peninsula wanted to meet and not clash, regardless of their social class, ideologies, and Sisyolithic orientations.At that time, it was This place is being talked about all over the world.”

Tiruti resided in the United States at the time and was experiencing the change of American clubbing firsthand, so when he came on vacation to Italy, right in Cattolica, he saw that seaside villa used as a gym and the light was on: “This seaside location, With this panorama, I immediately imagined a disco different from the others and the Baia degli Angeli was born. In America, where I lived, the way of making disco dance music was changing, so I brought two historical DJs like Tom Sisson and Bob Day to Italy.” In the audio documentary, club scientist Max DiGiovanni talks about these two American DJs. Then the testimonies of other historical DJs in place, Daniele Baldelli and Claudio “Mozart” Rispoli. Both tell of their arrival at Baia and their new musical approach that led them to become holy monsters in the Italian and international music scene.

Another number one among Italian DJs, Luca Reggiani, aka Rubens, talks about the venue, speaking about his experience at Baia degli Angeli, first as a client and then as a music maker. Then many testimonies of visitors who left from all over Italy to go “dance” in the bay. The place still exists today and is called Baia Imperiale, but that’s another story. The audio documentary will be shown on March 10 and 11 by Black and White Radio. To listen to it live or on demand in the podcast, click https: www.blackandwhiteradio.it or view the radio’s Facebook page. “Once Upon a Time There Was a Bay of Angels” will also be on Google, You Tube and Mixcloud platforms.

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