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F2 and F3 in Australia 2023, Ricciardo: “I am very happy” – F1 Piloti – Formula 1

Formula 1 Championship 2023 Comes to life with the announcement of the official dates of some general practitioners listed in the upcoming calendar, starting with the last announcement in Australian Grand Prix: From March 31 to April 2, 2023, track Melbourne The circus will welcome the third round of the world championship, a few months after the renewal of the ocean stage in Formula 1, which will remain Until 2035. However, it is precisely with this signature of fundamental importance that an unprecedented element has been added to the world of single seats, this time related to Formula 2 and for Formula 3.

Next year, to First time In the history of both classes, he will take the latter to the track in Australia. A commitment that marks a turning point for these two competitions, which rarely follow first class outside of Europe, and which have never been seen before. A decision that surprised the public positively, starting with an Australian Formula 1 driver like Daniel Ricciardo.

The 33-year-old from McLaren, winner of the Formula Renault WEC in 2008 and the British F3 race the following year, spoke about the news to the microphones speedcafe.comstressing that he is particularly pleased with the global growth and expansion of these categories: s.I am glad that F2 and F3 are receiving a lot of visibilityand I know that F1 will also publish it on their channels – I have announced It’s a very exciting time to be a young driver, and I also love the fact that they are out of Europe for some of our international races, it’s really special. It is an experience that prepares them betteralso to learn more about the potential of Formula 1. When I entered the first chapter – Lasts – I couldn’t prepare myself. Even though I was a backup driver I got an idea of ​​how it works but you can’t prepare yourself for the schedules and attention and everything else. So I think the fact that you shed a little light on these categories can really prepare them. Also, being Australian, racing in Albert Park is really cool, so I was very happy to hear this news.”

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