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F1 US GP, Denver Broncos owner Lewis Hamilton in the match

Lewis benefited from the trip to the United States: for the first time he went to see the Denver NFL team that entered the property. His enthusiasm in the stands. He wrote of his dog Roscoe: “He’s already convinced he’s training…”

Daniel Ricciardo presented himself in the field on horseback (nicely equipped with a VIP pass: four-legged, not Dan), et al, Ferrari drivers and Max Verstappen, dressed as cowboys, with a lowercase c, meaning characters from Western movies ready for midnight high today, Not by the players on the Dallas soccer team. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton bought a football team, albeit in the community, and seeing the value of the aforementioned club, one can clearly understand why: it is the Denver Broncos. Taking advantage of this American trip he went to see them for the first time. News of the purchase came last summer, in August, when it was announced that Lewis had entered the property with a group of entrepreneurs led by Rob Walton, son of the founder of the Walmart chain. Which includes Walton’s daughter, Carrie, with her husband Greg Benner. The acquisition cost was $4.65 billion, which is a record for all sports.

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Already in Montreal, at the Canadian Grand Prix, he was joined by Hamilton Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Broncos, who was already the 2014 Super Bowl champion with the Seattle Seahawks (against the Denver Broncos). On this occasion, Wilson went to the track wearing his full Mercedes team uniform.

The story of the Broncos

And then off the runway, he made an Instagram story saying, “Hey Broncos people, I’m Lewis Hamilton and I’m here to support the team. Go Broncos.” The match went poorly, and the Charger won 19-16. The Broncos are currently ranked 3rd (and penultimate) in the Western American Football Conference with 2 wins and 4 teams. Tomorrow I’ll be at home against the New York Jets.

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