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F1 – US GP 2022: Verstappen loses pole in T3

F1And the Austin 2022: Probably one of the hardest days Team Red Bull. a weekend Already torn apart by bitter controversies over the violation of financial regulations that have supplanted the technical and sporting realms. Minutes before the start of the qualifying session, the news of the disappearance of Dietrich Mateschitz.

Over the past few decades, the Austrian businessman has made a fundamental contribution to many sports categories, funding the professional path of great athletes through his own brand. We limit ourselves to only one F1, In 2005 he took over the leadership of the team Jaguar stable conversion Milton Keynes in a winning structure.

After that he took control of Team Minardi Give the competitiveness and economic stability of the historical team to Faenza. For a few hours bitter dispute over the violation budget ceiling Make way for the loss that shook the ring. Many drivers on the network owe a large part of their success to the support that the Austrian billionaire has provided through youth talent development programs.

Dietrich Mateschitz celebrates Sebastian Vettel’s first success in Formula One at the 2008 Monza GP at Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz will start from first place, While Max Verstappen will inherit the second square of Leclerc Who will have to service ten retreat sites on the network to replace items power unit 066/7. Sergio Perez He scored the fourth time, but, like the Monaco driver, he will return to the grid in five positions to replace the endothermic component.

F1. US GP 2022: Verstappen flirts with the pole

during Q 3The RB18 No. 1 had temperature problems on the tires in both Being. During the first attempt, the Dutch world champion achieved the first split time three-tenths slower than the standard holders Scuderia Ferrari. Based on the above difficulties, the above Take to the track for a second run early in order to complete the double activation lap complex.

The strategy seemed successful as Hasselt’s talent was putting together an excellent time trial right up to the start T3. In the most exposed part of the circle AustinHowever, the above He wasted the huge advantage accumulated by ending the session behind the duo Ferrari. Despite the lower than expected result, the Verstappen Show confidence in racing:

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In qualifying we tried to give everything, unfortunately we lacked something. We will try to make him proud. Race? Our car is stronger than it was in qualifying. Even today, the margins were very small and if we had warmed up the tires better we would have made a difference. We expect to be there in battle.”.

Analysis of the best time trial segments by Max Verstappen in qualifying for the Austin Grand Prix

From telemetry analysis of sectors related to the best course he has done Verstappenwithin the second Being subordinate Q 3there is a breakdown in performance in the latter sector, where the above Can’t match even the best performance Character made on the first try. This deterioration may be due to the excessive heat stress his tires were subjected to in the first two thirds of a lap.

F1. Perez qualified poorly due to settlement options.

Sergio Perez He takes the default fourth qualifying time, but the penalty for homogenizing the fifth heat unit will force him back into the race. In this sense, the choices Accommodation It seems to be aimed exclusively at achieving the best balance from a racing point of view. The Mexican driver, like his partner, wanted to devote honest thought to the founder Team Austrian:

We made some concessions that we knew would punish us in the playoffs. I hope we can recover tomorrow and get a good result. Mateschitz was an amazing person, a humble guy who did a lot not only in Formula 1 or in sports. He has made a great contribution to the whole world. It’s a sad day for Red Bull, because we’ve become champions, and not having it is very sad. We hope to make him proud of him tomorrow“.

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Sergio Perez (Red Bull) during qualifying for the US Grand Prix

the team Red Bull Hopes to be able to extend the winning streak started in Paul RicardIn memory of its founder, the poisoning ofbudget cap gate“.

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picture: Oracle Red Bull Racing

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