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F1 – US GP 2021 – Qualifying performance analysis: SF21 oversteer for Leclerc, W12 in continuous heat

Path limits NS shocked Lights up the global challenge on the track in Austin. Among the contenders for the title F1 And Max Verstappen To conquer off the pole. a pole which weighs a lot. Obtained on a road that was hitherto a fief mercedes. Also great duel between McLaren NS Ferrari. Cavallino’s team triumphed in the playoffs, but points are awarded only at the finish line.

We already predicted yesterday that qualifications Today they could have done something good for the Anglo-Austrian team. until the pole It’s so amazing. It’s back to it Red Bull which we knew very well, i.e. equipped with Very stable wallpaperCapable of generating strong traction. On such a complex and bumpy path, technicians Red Bull They seem to have responded very well, even finding something more.

The higher ground clearance may also have contributed to this step forward. In addition, some grades of asphalt may have helped RB16B ad Vehicle activation. Vero succumb to Austrian single-seater. Just look how slow it goes Hamilton In his bosom, in order to heal the gums as much as possible and keep them fresh.

hardest day for mercedesWho’s bringing one home now Unexpected front row. Second place fruit for skill and experience Lewis Hamilton, who was finally able to piece everything together and give an injection of the kidneys. Car still tends more to exaggeration for them. An annoyance began to insist on the last free exercise. The British had often complained about the lack of momentum in the latter sector. From there the team’s work began by trying to reduce the car’s excessive spin before qualifying began.

Technicians agreed to a scale down farther thanThe occurrence of the front wing In order to turn the scale back and try to recover in terms of the back fist. They were among the few working on Accommodation Until the last minutes of the third free practice, a sign that the situation is really complicated. Very strange conditions, especially if we take into account that yesterday’s black arrows had a lot of ease in adapting to the track.

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However, the main difficulties of W12 It is partially blocked by the great power of power unit. The engine gave a huge boost to performance throughout Q3. some problems with Overheating However, it was not lacking. This kind of difficulty appeared yesterday in the last free practice. Drivers had already complained about their inability to control tire temperatures due to the high roughness of the asphalt.


Another headache for engineers at Brackley, now accustomed to having to envision structures capable of containing warming Pirelli. We actually know how much W12 It is aggressive on vehicles and is therefore capable of entering at high temperatures. Once qualified, the only way for them to try to make up the gap was to take care of the outside course as much as possible. No further changes can be made in the setup given Fermi Park.

Day small sectors What was said previously is confirmed. Nothing good turn 1, where Louis It turned out to be much slower. Then it’s in the mixed 12-13-14 zone where the two are mercedes They struggle more. A little sticking to the back is already there. Then the problem extends to the entire distance and to the exit of the tour.

Great qualification for Ferrari Who puts both cars in front of McLaren. From a global perspective, the challenge begins with the English team. Starting from the front tomorrow would be very helpful. Even Italian technicians found themselves having to deal with too much car. A condition already encountered during Friday practice, which was gradually remedied by trying to move the center of pressure towards the back. is similar to Red Bull, Properties SF21 They are improved on the slower, more instructive curves of the latter sector.


In addition, they also struggled to manage the pools Pirelli. A little like this morning, when Leclerc It can by no means keep the rear tires in the correct temperature range, which obviously throws out slower corners. Then, all of a sudden, the boat ignites and huge potential can be extracted from the car. As is the case in x 1When he moves from one bosom to another, Leclerc Improve his lap time by more than one second. Once again the tires are confirmed as basic.

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For example, when you are in a file Q 2 The pilots ascended modesSuddenly, performance improved. This is because the yellow rubber strip has a slightly higher window, which actually manages to make a difference, adapting better to the temperatures involved. In the last sector modes He manages to survive to the end, while entering red first Overheating.

Having said that, it must be said in the introduction power unit Updates of the latest races are paying off. The surplus power enables the hybrid to provide good top speeds. Yesterday, the composite unit was lacking news inenergy store. So it’s clear how much those extra few horses weigh. An average of 2 tenths of a post per sector. Very similar split times for McLaren, which in Q3 Failed to perceive the good things seen during the previous sessions. a MCL35M He is historically stronger in the race, so we are looking forward to the challenge during the race.

excellent McLaren, which seems to be able to develop good speeds not only on straight lines, but also in fast corners. Together with the stable Maranello They compete for the position of the third power. A challenge so close that more can be said tomorrow. On paper, deteriorate MCL35M It must be smaller than Ferrari, but nothing is said.


Also goodAston Martin Which, on the contrary, suffers in the rapid mix of the first sector. In this section they are even at the level Alfa Romeo NS Williams. This did not allow him to realize the performance of stroll roam that have been excluded even in x 1.

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Now let’s take a look at tomorrow’s race, because some of the riders have decided to qualify for Q 2 rubberized modes. This move is clearly intended as a one stop attempt. Not an impossible strategy, but it definitely requires excellent vehicle management. A day after leaving modesYou should try to finish the race with the pool Difficult.

Obviously, if the deterioration is more noticeable than is already expected, it will be easy to move the race to two stops by stopping again. Maybe for rubber? flexible, so you can push a lot more in the last leg of the race. Instead, starting with flexible, will follow two periods modes, or spent with Difficult And one ends with another flexible. On this strategy we will have Signs, which in the last attempt on the rubber modes He hasn’t been able to improve and therefore will have to start in the red.

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