F1, the engine problem for Carlos Sainz. Ferrari will use the power unit 2 in Imola – OA Sport as a precaution

After the rumours, the confirmations. In the past few hours, the news spread in the Imola field, home of Fourth round of the 2022 Formula 1 World ChampionshipThis F1-75 some spanish Carlos Sainz It has been equipped with power unit number 2 For a small problem I encountered in the one used in Australia, the race was not finished by the Iberian due to a driving error during the early stages.

Well, the certainty came through Sainz himself who has a fellow Sky Sport, Mara Sangiorgio-Formalization of the use of the second engine. The first unit has been changed as a precaution and will be used in the future.

So, you’ll be in the #55 single seat new enginewhich is characterized by ICE . reinforced (Thermal / internal combustion engine). If we wanted, a stroke of “luck” Sainz pulled it off this way because it allowed technicians to step in and thus carry out the replacement without having to deal with specific damage.

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power unit number 2 It will be installed immediately since, being the weekend with Sprint qualifiers, the cars will enter parc fermé after FP1 at Imola. According to what I also mentioned before Formu1a.unoAnd The n.1 engine can be used on Friday of the upcoming weekends as well as on weekends, such as the one in Monte Carlo, where the engine will not be particularly stressed. Remember, Ferrari was willing to deliver the second unit between the weekend in Miami (US) and the Barcelona unit (Spain), but circumstances led to an advance in the Sainz case.

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As for Monaco Charles LeclercThe World Championship Pilot will have the same engine used since the first round in Bahrain. An alternative that will not have repercussions in terms of penalties, bearing in mind that the power units available in 2022 will be three and it looks like the No. 1 Iberian engine will be able to fall into the rev class.

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