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The final stage of the Formula 1 World Championship was held at the Circuit of the Americas, the home of the Grand Prix in United States of AmericaThe real protagonist popular boom Of the highest international class car. The factors that have contributed to the exponential growth of audiences and interest in the circus vary, but the “most responsible” is undoubtedly attributed to the docu series “Driving to Survive”Produced and released by Netflix in 2019.

With ten episodes per season – Episode four imminent – it tells the backdrop to recent championships, with a particular focus on drivers getting closer to the races. A format that has literally driven the American public into a frenzy, which, after missing out on the calendar in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has returned to embracing F1 with a record number of spectators calculated for almost the entire weekend. 400,000 appearances in the stands.

At the same time, Americans’ new passion for the sport is raging the television, in this case in relation to the live jackpot broadcast. In fact, since 2018, the channel that guaranteed the live broadcasting rights is ESPN, who was the first to experience the harsh direct experience Increase in ratings and users compared to previous seasons. Can’t fail to confirm this trend John SuchinskyDirector of Programming and Acquisition of the Famous Sports Broadcaster Founded in 1979.

interview by Washington PostThe Director explained and confirmed the gradual development of the ratings limited to the Formula 1 jigsaw. “We have seen positive growth over the past four seasons – Sochinsky said – to the extent that The audience doubled year by year, fact Four seasons in a row. I myself would not be able to find a similar phenomenon to this, even if there were several reasons that contributed to the realization of this reality. Many people have asked how much the role of Netflix contributes. Although I can’t pinpoint the exact number of users who have connected thanks to this chain – he added – The latter was certainly very useful.”

In conclusion, one of the most important data in terms of participation on the small screen is what will be determined in the increase in audiences from 2020 to 2021. This season, in fact, there have been Increases Just over 50%, to be exact 53%Compared to last year when the average viewership was 608,000 users. Finally, the data that will be found in 2022 will be strange, the season when fans of the series are not only limited to “Driving to Survive” He will be able to enjoy a fourth season, but it will give the United States a double date at home with the races in Austin and at Miami, the latter is ready for his absolute appearance.

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