F1, Madrid submit to FIA to host Grand Prix

Rome-Madrid could be a new stage in Formula 1. The Spanish capital is written to Stefano DomenicaliCircus head through Enrique LopezMinister of the Community of Madrid, who says: “I am pleased to write to you on behalf of the Government of the Community of Madrid to express Our interest in the development of the Madrid Grand Prix. I think organizing a motorsport event in Madrid, which is one of the most exciting sporting phenomena of our time, It will be a success for all professionals, organizations and companies involved in the development of Formula 1“.

Lopez call

Naturally – The Minister continues in his letter – It also satisfies the entire region and its citizens. That is why the Government of the Community of Madrid has a great interest in making it possible“.”In short, I would like to assure you of our commitment to you and this project, as well as our willingness to sign the appropriate agreements to promote the race and provide a great sports and entertainment show. We are ready to work with you and your team to bring Formula 1 to MadridLopez who is now awaiting a response from Domenicali concluded at stage Full expansion of eligible cities to host the new Grand Prix.

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