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F1 GP US 2022, Grand Prix programme: dates, times, circuit

Guide to the Formula 1 US Grand Prix 2022 at Austin Circuit: Program with dates and times of laps on the track and characteristics of the American track.

Archive the fight for the world title Conquered by Max Verstappen mathematician in Japan,A week after breaking F1, eagerly awaiting Penalties to be imposed on Red Bull So over budget ceiling Last year, back on track: Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October in fact 2022 Formula 1 World Championship He will be on stage at the Circuit of the Americas (Cota) in Austin for United States GP. The The program for the nineteenth round of the season It’s the first: on Friday the first two free practice sessions (FP1 and FP2) are held, on Saturday the Free Practice 3 and qualifying and on Sunday the race that awards points for drivers and world titles for constructors.

because of time unit However, for us Italians, they will not be canons Different lap times on the Texas track. After the world championship speech, this weekend the American Formula 1 expect a reaction from Ferrari with Charles Leclerc (who He will have to take a penalty (because he will present himself at the start of the race with a new power unit) and Carlos Sainz who will try to finish off the winning streak of Red Bull and world champion Max Verstappen and get the redhead back to the top of the race. Platform.

Mercedes will also be closely watched over the weekend in stars and stripes to understand whether Austin Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will be able to play on par with Ferrari and Red Bull for first and foremost for the success of the race (which will be their first season). .

Free practice on Friday

The 2022 Formula 1 United States GP will open on Friday October 21st at 21:00 (Italian time) with Free first training session. The drivers will then get back on track at the Austin track for FP2 Which will start when it is 00:00 in Italy on Saturday 22nd October (for a session that will last half an hour longer than the canonical 60 minutes).

Saturday qualifiers

Work will resume at the Texas Circuit on Saturday evening, October 22nd at 21:00 (Italian time) when Free 3last rehearsals by qualifications (with Q1, Q2 and Q3) which will start at 00:00 between Saturday and Sunday and will determine the pole position and starting grid for the US race.

Sunday race

The final chapter of the Formula 1 World Championship US 2022 weekend will take place on the evening of Sunday 23 October with the race that awards the points for the World Championship. The start of the race At Austin at 21:00 (Italian time). In fact, that’s when the drivers from the starting grid of the American track will start to compete in Round 19 of the season.

Austin Circuit

Also in 2022 Circuit of the Americas from Austin Returns to host the Formula 1 race in the United States. The Texas racetrack, designed by architect Hermann Tilke to maximize the view, is 5.513 km It is turned counterclockwise. Displays the path 20 curves (9 on the right and 11 on the left) Its distinguishing feature is the presence of many bumps (lower than in the past but still present) with an elevation difference of 22 meters (at only 200 linear metres).

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As for the braking system, as explained by the official resource Brembo, it’s a demanding medium track with 12 brakes and over 17.5 seconds per lap spent with the foot on the brakes. The most important point is in turn 1With a single seat speed of 313 km / h, it reaches 101 km / h in just 2.31, covering 114 metres.

To make the difference in 56 laps of the race on the US circuit Engine power will be mainly. Thus, the favorite on the eve of the match is Max Verstappen with his Red Bull team (who has already won the previous edition of the US Grand Prix), while for Lewis Hamilton, winner of five occasions at Austin, it appears to be his last chance to win. At least one win this season. Lap record in the race However, it belongs to Ferrari with Charles Leclerc who stopped the clock in 2019 at 1:36.169.

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