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Lewis Hamilton (ANSA)
Lewis Hamilton (ANSA)

Silverstone (UK), July 16, 2021 – Lewis Hamilton knock in grand prize Homepage. Seven-time world champion beat favorite Max Verstappen In qualifying for tomorrow’s Sprint Race A Silverstone. An unusual and unique weekend in history Formula 1 On the new qualifying routes – which will be repeated in the testing phase also at Monza and Brazil – he left on Friday with a free practice session – which he won. Verstappen On Red Bull – and qualify for small race Tomorrow, which will be given Vera pole position for Sunday’s race.

In third place in the course Friday qualifiers There is Bottas, followed by Super Leclerc In a Ferrari. Fifth only Perez On the other Red Bull, then McLaren Norris e Ricardo and amazing contact On Williams who will be placed in the eighth square. They closed the top ten Signs e Vettel.

Racing Strategies

Standard strategies for all teams have been completely skipped. tomorrow through sprint race From 100 km, teams will not need to do this Stop (unless there are technical problems or accidents), but it is not entirely clear which one mix up will indicate. Tonight’s predictions are that most teams will go up soft eraser, which should be enough to complete the 17 laps that will form the starting grid for Sunday’s race. Everything depends on the type pruning chosen by temperature Of the runway and carrying capacity Administration One seat frames each.

However, it is currently practically impossible to make predictions about Sunday’s race. Everything will change depending on what it will be starting positions Who will decide tomorrow afternoon. The most important difference compared to classic weekends has to do with mix up Of the tires that will be installed at the beginning of Sunday: i top ten They will have no obligations of any kind and will be able to choose which tires they will use initially.

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