F1, FIA Bans Drivers From Political Comments: Then There Will Be A Need

International Automobile Federation (Fia), in a press release, that will ban “Political, religious and personal statements or comments” private by pilotsBasim “From the principle of general neutrality promoted by the FIA ​​in its Statutes. Unless previously approved in writing by the FIA ​​for international events or by the relevant ASN for national events within its jurisdiction.”. These situations of a political nature are authorized by the riders and personalities in the circuit will requireSubject to written approval from the FIA for international competitions or the National Sports Authority for national competitions.. These measures will come into effect From January 2023The nature of the penalties was not specified.

In recent years, several Formula 1 drivers have publicly taken sides for reasons during Grand Prix racing. In 2020, on the podium at the Tuscan Grand Prix, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton He put on a requesting shirt “Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor Arrested”, a black woman killed by police in her apartment in the United States. But in 2021, another former world champion, Sebastian Viettel He’s been wearing a T-shirt in defense of gay people, and in favor of the LGBT+ movement, for the Hungarian Grand Prix, and most recently, he wore a helmet against tar sands exploitation at the Canadian Grand Prix this past June.

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