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F1. Violation of the financial regulations by Red Bull and Aston Martin Posted by the Union International on October 10, highlighted the weakness of the regulatory framework from different perspectives. First of all, the process of drafting and checking reports is outdated in a system where milliseconds can make a difference.

Only in October 2022 did the media and fans learn about financial violations committed last season. Ten months later, more clouds are gathering for the already controversial final of the 2021 World Cup.

The summary message of the results of the financial audit appeared on the FIA ​​website

The completion of the Audit It makes the achieved result on track effectively for an unacceptable period of “trial”. Secondly, financial regulation lends itself to those interpretations that team engineers in the technical field have learned to circumvent, gaining a decisive competitive advantage in many circumstances. The rule of infringement shall be revealing. there FIA You understand that the application of the mitigating penalties set forth in the Regulations could create an uncontrollable precedent.

The “Low overspending breachTeam Challenge Milton Keynesor a violation of less than 5% of the cap expenditures, provides a range of potential fines ranging from public reprimand to lowering the cost cap in subsequent reporting periods (i.e. two or more seasons, nd).

Disciplining a minor breach of spending

The list also includes factors that can soften the sentence such as Full and unlimited cooperation with the cost department and/or the audit firm designated by the cost cap department. Postponing the outcome of the review process to October 10 seemed like extra time given to Red Bull to prove that part of the report belonged to the exceptions.

F1. The “British” spirit of Formula 1

There’s no point in going around it too much. Formula 1 is a sport with a British soul and although Red Bull’s victories are celebrated with the Austrian anthem, it is an English team on a par with Mercedes and Alpine.. More than half of the teams are in the UK and much of the staff is Anglo-Saxon.

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the most rational Designer History of Formula 1 Britons. From Colin Chapman to Adrian Newey without forgetting Gordon Murray, Harvey Harvey Postlethwaite, John Barnard A South African but from the British School RUri Bern. In this context, Ferrari has been the massive exception that is poorly tolerated for decades.

Suffice it to say that the Scuderia di Maranello won the only world titles not awarded to teams based in England.. The reader can legitimately ask himself to what extent the English matrix of the upper class of motorsport can influence the final outcome of the trial. It should not be forgotten that the injured party to the infringement committed by Red Bull is the sporty icon of motorsport Sir Lewis Hamilton.. The controversial final last season that awarded the drivers the title Max Verstappen It is universally considered an act of treason against the EPTA World Champion.

Overtaking on the last lap of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP that awarded the title to Max Verstappen

F1. Controversy in British Formula 1 المحيط

Media Attractiveness Hamilton Despite the disappointing 2022 season, it has been heightened by the widespread awareness that only he can curb the potential dominance of the Dutch champion. Hasselt. The defeat was won in 2021 thanks to the imaginative decisions of diamondagainst one seat evolving beyond the law, revived the English champion’s disappointment:

“This situation makes me think about last year as I haven’t done in all season and the fact that they (Red Bull, nd) in introducing updates to the track that can make a difference.”

It’s hard to assume that the 2021 drivers title can be revised. However, for the first time, the FIA ​​is faced with the need to determine a penalty that meets the expectations of vengeance and clemency for the various British souls in Formula 1.

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Perhaps if the violation had been committed by an outside “Magic Circle” team made up of English teams, the punishment would have already been imposed. Just thinking about the reaction of the race direction Suzuka In imposing a five-second penalty a Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari) – 2022 Japanese GP

F1. Red Bull: ‘Unconventional’ defendant

Making the process more complex is the unconventional nature of the team Milton Keynes. Unlike its competitors, the core business of the Red Bull brand is neither sports competitions nor road car sales. This makes it immune to potential image/reputation damage. This assumption allows the racing department to take a somewhat bold approach in the event of an opposite sentence, as was recently announced to the newspaper. Build by the historic Austrian chancellor Helmut Marko:

“It would be a big scandal to delete the title! If necessary, we will take legal action.” However, something is changing. The feeling is that although it is a minor violation, albeit a small one in economic terms, it could be instrumental in the balanced challenge between Verstappen and Hamilton.

New data from Marcowith clear reference to Ferrariintended to give a small entity to the infringement committed by its team: “I don’t want to say much, just this: We still believe we have not broken the budget cap rule at all. Discussions with the FIA ​​are ongoing.”

Let’s see what finally happens, but rumors that Max could lose the 2021 world title, for example, are completely ridiculous. The past has shown that even severe violations of regulations are punished in a very soft way by the FIA.”

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes AMG) and Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing)
F1. Marko hints at a “secret settlement agreement” between the FIA ​​and Ferrari

In reference to Helmut Marko to me “settlement agreement“FIA-Ferrari” is very interesting. investigating in FIA Regarding the alleged violations of the power unit Maranello Used in the 2019 season ended An effective and deterrent settlement agreement to avoid the negative consequences that may result from a long dispute, especially in light of the uncertainty of the outcome of this dispute and in the interest of the tournament.

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there Ferrari Forced to surrender and signed toan agreement Specifically to avoid possible damage to the image caused by the conflict. A legal battle that does not seem to worry, at least in words, the directors of Red Bull Racing because it will do no harm to the reputation of the holding company. What is certain is that any ruling by the International Federation, the consequences could be devastating to the credibility of the first class of motorsport.

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picture: F1Oracle Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes AMG

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